Kevin Durant Continues Saying The Wrong Things, Essentially Calls Himself A Liar

Someone needs to get Kevin Durant out of his feelings ASAP. It seems like every other day, a quote comes out from the dude about how he feels and why he feels this way.
Yes, a 29-year-old man who is a two-time NBA Champion, two-time MVP, and one-time regular season MVP keeps whining to reporters about his feelings like they’re Jennifer Melfi (shoutout to everyone who gets that reference without having to Google it, you’re the real MVP).
I don’t know who it has to be — whether it’s his agent, his PR firm, his OG boys, or otherwise — but SOMEBODY, ANYBODY close to KD needs to tell him that he’s turning himself into the Skinny Pillsbury Doughboy of the NBA.
Barely a week after this bizarre “I’m definitely not mad” exchange with a reporter:

KD is publicly in his feelings again, this time texting Fox Sport’s Chris Broussard (LOL) to tell him that the version of Durant the public saw in Oklahoma City was “phony” and that this is the real version of him.
Uhhhhhh, okay man, whatever you say:

“He’s a conflicted guy. There’s a part of him that’s religious. He has ministers come visit him and hang out with him during the season. Then there’s a big part of him that’s doing things that don’t match up with his faith.

“He was engaged a few years ago. His fiancee broke up with him, she said he stopped living like a Christian. And I’ve talked to him about that. He’s conficted in that regard with who he is in terms of that.

“And then on the court … the guy we saw in Oklahoma City was not cursing all the time, was not being as aggressive in terms of arguing and maybe fighting with guys or getting technicals…

“Durant texted me and said ‘the guy you see now is the real me. The guy in Oklahoma City was the phony — I was just trying to please everybody and do what I thought everybody wanted me to do.’

“I’m gonna take him at his word.”

So, again, just to reiterate: a 29-year-old man went out of his way to tell a journalist that the old version of him — the one everyone adored — was phony and that the current version of him — the one that everyone considers the softest dude to ever play in the NBA — is the real him. Yikes.
apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, ‘Segoe UI’, Roboto, Oxygen-Sans, Ubuntu, Cantarell, ‘Helvetica Neue’, sans-serif;”>Someone close to Durant needs to get in his ear and tell him what a wise man once said … nothing at all.


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