Top 5 Players To Watch After MLB Deadline 2018

With the MLB Trade Deadline making headlines around the sports world, players have been moving around to different clubs in order to either boost their chances for a championship or be part of a massive rebuilding process focused on gaining young talent. The MLB playoffs are in sight and there is still a lot to play for. Divisions are still extremely competitive and anything could happen in these final weeks. With that being said, let’s take a look at five players in no particular order that will make an impact for their new clubs.

Manny Machado

This was an obvious pick. The former Baltimore Orioles star was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers and they were in desperate need of a shortstop. Baltimore is the worst team in baseball and trading Machado was almost inevitable. The Orioles received a number of Dodger prospects in return and the addition of Machado makes Los Angeles the clear-cut favorite in the NL West. With only one year remaining on Machado’s contract, the question will become whether he resigns to stay in LA or decides to go elsewhere such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, or even New York.

Mike Moustakas

Moose was a fan favorite in Kansas City for a number of years but all good things must come to an end. The Brewers added one of the best sluggers in the game in order to add some power to their lineup and contend with the Cubs for the NL Central title until the very last day. The Cubs and Brewers have been neck and neck the entire season and it could become an extremely interesting last few weeks should the two teams remain close. Moustakas could be the missing piece the Brew Crew needs in order to win their first division title since 2011.

Chris Archer

I wonder if Chris Archer is acclimating nicely to his new city. By the looks of this, he is. Archer was the lone starting pitcher on Tampa Bay’s depth chart and after his departure, they currently have zero. He has the potential to be the spark that the Pirates need in order to make the NL Central title race extremely interesting until the very last day. The Buccos are making a serious push and this trade could pay dividends for the black and yellow down the road as he is under team control through 2021. Archer is extremely talented and Pirates fans should be extremely excited for what’s to come.

Brian Dozier

Here’s the thing about Dozier. His season hasn’t exactly been desirable up to this point, but there’s a catch. In the past two seasons, he has caught fire in the later stages of the season and caused some serious damage against any pitcher he has faced. The Dodgers rolled the dice and are really going in to try and win a World Series. Adding Dozier at second base will be huge and they have one of the best middle infield duos in the game. Dozier’s contract expires at the end of 2018 and it would be huge if he resigns with Los Angeles.

Lance Lynn

Now, you may think I’m absolutely crazy for putting a guy on here that has had a sub-par season so far but let me explain. The addition of J.A. Happ the Yankees a little bit more stability in the back end of their pitching rotation but Lynn may be the guy to step in and take over Sonny Gray’s spot. Gray has given up 65 runs and 64 of them were earned. Not to mention he got tattooed by the worst team in baseball. If Lynn can find himself at this point, step into the back end of the rotation and produce, the Yankees will have a serious chance to catch up to Boston.

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