Brooklyn Woman Arabella Torres Dubbed The Latest #PermitPatty

Arabella Juniper Torres has been identified as the woman who called the police on Darsell Obregon while she was sheltering from a thunderstorm in the doorway of a Park Slope, Brooklyn apartment building on Sunday, July 29.

According to Obregon, she was on her way to a subway station in Brooklyn on Sunday, July 29, when a thunderstorm began.

As she sought cover outside of the Park Slope apartment building to call an Uber, she claims that Torres came out of the building and demanded that she leave.

Obregon filmed a first video of the barefoot Torres calling police as she tells Obregon “Ma’am this is not public property.”

In a second video, as Obregon is attempting to leave in her Uber, Torres follows her, saying to the Uber driver: “If you go anywhere, you’ll be committing a crime as well; you know that, right?”

Torres then gives 911 dispatcher the Uber driver’s license plate details as the car pulls away.

via Facebook:

On Sunday afternoon, I was in Brooklyn walking to the train when a sudden rain storm began and I hid in the doorway OUTSIDE of a random apartment in Park Slope to shield myself from the rain and call an uber. No more than 3 minutes later a young woman who lives in the building opened the front door and told me that I can not stand there and had to leave. I told her I was not going to move (unbeknownst to her I was just waiting for my ride and would be leaving in a couple of minutes) so then she proceeded to call the police…

Torres has since been dubbed the latest #PermitPatty on social media: a name that has been given to the recent slew of white women who have been recorded on camera engaging in similar behavior.

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