Top 5 Sorority Stereotypes We All Wish We Never Heard Of

The claps, the singing, the fake smiles, they all create the nightmare of a girl group. Yes, we are talking about sororities. Everyone has their own opinions about sorority girls, but somehow there are always five stereotypes on sorority girls that stand out more than the others. It’s not that hard to point out a sorority girl. They could wear a trash bag as a dress, and we could tell if they were part of a sorority. It’s not like finding a needle in a haystack more like finding a haystack in a pile of needles. Here are our top five sorority stereotypes we wish we never heard of or ever see again.

Barbie Clones

Everyone knows Barbie, her perfect figure, perfect smile, and perfect clothes. Somehow, with all the mass amounts of sorority girls in the world, you would think there would be one odd girl out. If you believe that you are mistaken, every single girl in a sorority could pass off as Barbie’s twin sister. All more beautiful than the previous. And like Barbie, they all have amazing skills. Sports, education, communication, there is nothing they are not good at, it’s a little upsetting to girls who aren’t in sororities.

Professional Photographers

You would think every sorority girl was a photography major from all the pictures they post on social media. Every picture looks like a professional took them. The angles, colors, and no one looks bad in any. It’s almost a sin for someone to not look good in a picture. When I take a picture I look like a five-year-old cheesing with a double chin; it’s not pretty. We could all use photography tips from sorority girls.

Pinterest Queens

Along with the fantastic pictures comes with the excellent arts and crafts. Everything a sorority house looks like a page on Pinterest. Everything is glued correctly, and there is no bad design. Most things that come out of Pinterest don’t look like the exact picture, but sorority girls can make their versions even better than the original. Sometimes, we wonder if there is some famous artist or creator trapped in every sorority who help the girls become Pinterest goddesses.

Starbucks Lovers

If you are in line at Starbucks and there is a group of sorority girls in front of you, be prepared to wait a good hour to order your coffee. Sorority girls are known to have the long, complicated orders that sound more like a science experiment than a cup of coffee.  Half of their order doesn’t even sound like it should be consumed in the human body. Their “venti half calf double cupped no sleeve salted caramel latte, two pumps white chocolate, three pump vanilla, two pumps hazelnut, with non-fat milk, no whip, extra foam and caramel sauce on top with a lite sprinkle of cinnamon.” You are better to find another coffee shop and still come out with your standard coffee order faster than the sorority girls.

The Sisterhood That They Will Die For

It’s no joke that sorority sisters will murder you if you mess with one of them. Well, it’s a little bit of a joke, they won’t kill you. But, say goodbye to your social life if you accidentally break one of the girl’s nails. The sisterhood is like a blood bond. They would probably cry more for their sorority sister getting married than their mother’s funeral. And don’t get us started with the constant Greek hand signs ten years after graduation. Yes, we get it you were all in a sorority together, get over it!

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