Top 5 Fraternity Stereotypes To Create A Cringy Brotherhood

Fraternities are the mistakes of colleges. For those of you who don’t know what frats are, we advise you to watch every college movie and educate yourself, because you must have been living under a massive rock your whole life. Frats are a bunch of guys who set no rules or boundaries when it comes to partying or taking care of themselves. College isn’t about schooling or becoming an adult; it’s all about the parties and memories with their brothers. Yes, their brotherly will confuse you. Are they gay, are they straight, or do they have an odd relationship with 50 guys? Here are our top five fraternity stereotypes that create every cringy brotherhood.

Frat Boys Get All The Girls

Girls have a strange attraction to guys in fraternities. Probably because they do throw epic parties and it’s the easiest way to get invited. But, frat guys have this weird competition with one another on how many girls they can take back to their rooms. Don’t believe us, make a field trip to your closest Greek row and count how many walks of shames you see, don’t worry they aren’t hard to miss.


There are two uniforms for every frat boy, the advertising frat letters, and the Brad. It is rare not to see these two uniforms on a frat boy. If they are wearing something else, they are probably at a party and were forced to wear something ridiculous, or it’s Halloween. Every frat boys closet is filled with Patagonia’s, Polo’s, Vineyard Vines, and their lucky frat shirts and sweatshirts.

Pledges & Hazing

Did you think hazing only happened in movies, there are still frats out in the world who haze their freshmen. We may not see anything, but what happens behind closed doors will forever be a mystery. Just be prepared if you are pledging, because you might end up with a diaper, fifteen beers in your system, and wrestling with another half-naked man. But, it’s all in good fun right?

Dedication To Sports

Sports, overall, to guys is a sickness. The gambling, the fan dedication, the fantasy leagues, it’s like watching a little boy run through a candy store. We have to admit we are all like this with something. But, frat boys take sports to a new level. Frat boys may not be on their college football team, but as a brotherhood in an intramural team, they feel like they are celebrities. They will brag about how they won their intramural football championship, which will then be followed with the person asking, “what’s an intramural team?”. Boys, you aren’t cool if you are on an intramural team, it just shows you peaked in high school sports.

The Hospital Bill

If it’s not evident from the mass amounts of videos from Barstool or 5th year, frat boys love to put themselves in danger. There is no dare they will not do or a challenge they will not succeed in. If it means jumping off their roof onto a table or shotgunning a four loko, they find themselves not only achieving their set challenge but also find themselves in a hospital bed. But, they will keep doing it no matter how bad the injury. Whatever you do, do not ask a frat guy about their scars, you will waist a good hour of your life.

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