Top 5 Stereotypes Who Attend Comic-Con

You can find a lot at Comic-Con, from collectibles to celebrities. But, there are always a few attendees who stand out from most. Yes, there are a lot of attendees who stand out with their costumes and prominent personalities. Though, these select few have managed to create a new level of creativity and humor. Here are our top five Comic-Con Stereotypes you will always find at any comic book convention.

Over Confident Cosplayer

There is cosplaying then there are these people. There are three people we are talking about, the muscular man or woman who chose a costume that shows off their muscles, the overweight man or woman with very little clothing, and the large costumes that can barely fit through the entrance door. The muscular ones aren’t that bad because they tend to be very friendly and mean no harm. They use their muscular body to add to their costume rather than showing off. With the overweight cosplayers, it can be a bit stomach-turning seeing them in a Harley Quinn costume, and that goes for both men and women wearing the costume. And finally, the large plastic or cardboard costumes that take around a year or two to create. However, the great costume may look like a masterpiece but take up too much space in a crowded area.

The Hoverer

The people who always hang around one booth and one booth only for the whole weekend. It doesn’t matter if it’s a professional’s booth or a regular comic booth, they will never leave. That booth is their home away from home. And no one can tell them to go because no one is ever mean at Comic-Con. Sometimes a subtle hint can get them to leave, but more than likely the hoverer won’t even notice the hint and think it’s some time of compliment to them.

On The Dot Planner

This is a person who has a plan for the whole day from the time they wake up to the second they fall asleep. Everything is planned, seven in the morning wake up, nine arrive at the convention center, wait in line till lunch, and so on. Every day is planned like it’s an escape route. They even have a map with direction on how to get to each booth. These people can be helpful but can get annoying if you are along for the ride. They will pull you around like a dog on a leash, because if they are even five seconds late on their schedule prepare for a meltdown.

Buys Everything Fan

This is someone that every booth owner loves, and they encourage this person to come back to their booth for more. This person is willing to throw all their life savings into anything they lay their eyes on. Money isn’t an issue for them. They never think twice when handing their money over for something that could be considered garbage, but it’s not going to stop them from buying what they want.

The Camper

A lot of people like to go to Comic-Con to enjoy the convention center and the panels. Everyone tries to experience as much as they can, however, some people are only there for one panel. They will do anything to get to that panel and see their favorite TV or movie cast talk about the story that will later be explained to everyone when the movie or TV show is premiered. This person will pack every camping material and set up camp first thing when Comic-Con opens. They are always at the front of the line and will probably have a bottle of their pee outside their tent because they are too scared someone will steal their spot if they leave.

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When Comic-Con Gets To Be Too Much To Handle
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