Top 5 Best Cheesy Pickup Lines & One-Liners

Ever find yourself at a loss for words when you see a pretty girl or a handsome man? It’s normal to feel this way, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. You want to come out as confident and smart. It’s all about being smart with your words. It’s hard to grab the other’s attention, especially when they don’t feel like talking. That is your cheesy pickup line comes in to save the day. Yes, we are discussing the cheesy that is made fun of on tinder. You may get a little embarrassed, but as long as they laugh, you know you have their attention. Here are our best cheesy pickup lines that will for sure help you with asking someone out on a date.

“Is Your Name WiFi? Because I’m Really Feeling A Connection.”

Everyone loves a good pun, sometimes they don’t make sense while other times they are laughed at as being the weird funny. Either way, people can’t get enough of them. For this pickup line, someone is asked a question followed by a pun. This isn’t a pickup line where you will automatically get the other person in bed. This is, simply, a pickup line to break the ice. It’s a silly line, one that will help you take a step in the right direction of potentially asking the other out for drinks or coffee. You are in once you hear them giggle.

“Hi, Do You Have A Few Minutes For Me To Hit On You?”

Forward, we know, but surprisingly the forward talk sometimes is the best to use. You are breaking the fourth wall with this line. It’s bold to go out so confident, but it helps with being flirty without being creepy. It’s boring to go through the “Hi” and “how are you” conversation. Using this pickup line lets the other person know you are trying to have fun but in a way where they do plan to see you again.

“Don’t Tell Me If You Want Me To Take You Out To Dinner. Just Smile For Yes, Or Do A Backflip For No.”

The famous verbal trap that will either work successfully in your favor or crush all your confidence like a sludge hammer. But, more than likely you won’t have all your hopes and dreams crushed with this pickup line. The line is creative and get’s the other person thinking while wearing a big smile. We would be very shocked if you find someone who can do a backflip. Then again we would be more upset if someone did a backflip after hearing this line. It’s cute and funny, how can someone say no to it?

“Do You Have A Tan, Or Do You Always Look This Hot?”

This line allows for two things to happen in your favor. Not only are you complimenting on their lovely tan but you are also implying that they are beautiful. With the many tanning salons, spray tans, and the constant laying on the ground to catch a few rays is something that takes a lot of hard work and money to get tan. Using this line will let them know that they have a sexy tan that is showing off. You saying this to them makes them see that you are bold without crossing a line, polite with a bit of humor, and it lets them know that you will notice other things about them later on. Warning, do not, on any circumstances tell this pickup line to a pasty white person. You will earn a straight-up laugh to the face or a drink to the face.

“You’re So Beautiful That You Made Me Forget My Pickup Line.”

Let’s be honest here, using an anti-pickup line is really a pickup line in itself. It’s like a modified pickup line that puts all the other pickup lines to shame. You are merely stating the obvious of attraction to the person while also being funny. You are telling the person that you could use a famous pickup line that everyone knows, but you chose to be unique and go head first into a humorous line that gets’s the other blushing. This line will work every time, but don’t use it for every person you see. Eventually, they will start a club of the weird person who says the same exact pickup line.

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