The Biggest Online Slots Winners Of All Time

Other than poker, which is the most popular game at online casinos, slots comes a pretty close second.  Anyone with an internet connection and a digital device can play the reels, as no skill is needed at all. Some people have won amazing amounts, in all different parts of the world. As the casinos are online, as long as you can access them, you have the chance of winning one of the large progressive jackpots on offer.

The Biggest Return From Mega Fortune Dreams?

In late 2016, a player placed a bet of $2 and won the Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot. When he placed his $2 bet, he never expected to pick up the prize of more than $8,5000,000. He was not the first though. Just a few months earlier, someone had won almost $6,500,000 on the same game.
However, that win has probably been beaten by now as the biggest return for the smallest wager by a soldier from Cheshire in the UK, who won £13.2 million for a 25p bet on a slot machine online. In dollars, that would be over $20 million for about 50 cents. Not a bad return at all. This has been confirmed as the biggest win of all time on online slots by the Guinness Book of Records.


More Than One Millionaire From Mega Moolah

There have been several players who have scooped large amounts on this game. One of New Zealand’s biggest casino wins was on Mega Moolah, when a winner scooped $10,000,000. Rawiri Pow was amazed when he won $1500 but, instead of collecting the prize money, he decided to carry on playing. As the wheels kept turning, he eventually found himself with this huge jackpot win.
He is just one of several players to have won seven-figure amounts on Mega Moolah, including at least two more with over $7 million and one more in the region of $10 million.


$57 million From Hall Of Gods

Over the last five years, Hall of Gods has paid out more than $57 million. In 2017, a Norwegian player scooped nearly $9 million, this prize being part of a total of $20.5 million paid out to new millionaires in that one year alone. The Gods were obviously looking favourably upon these winners.

Attracting More Players

Wins like these usually end up being reported in the media, even if the winner remains anonymous. With more stories like this in the news, it has shown that online slots do have credibility, and really do give everyone the chance of picking up a big prize. This has encouraged more people to play, especially among the younger generations.
It was the revolution in smart digital devices that caused more people to play online games, particularly online casino games. Now big prizes are being won, you will no doubt see many more people taking part and having fun at online casinos. While these wins are all extreme, many of us would be over the moon with a mere 10% of these wins. Will you be the next lucky winner? Check out places for slot online to give it a shot.

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