A Bunch Of Rich White People From New York Are Being Arrested In Connection With A Sex Cult

Folks, if I mysteriously die within the next 24 hours, this article is why. The people you’re about to learn about are not the type of people who like to be written about. You’ve heard of Hollywood, Eyes Wide Shut-esque sex cults, but I bet you didn’t know there were …*checks notes*… Albany, New York-based sex cults? Albany, huh? Guess the elite pedo weirdos really are everywhere, not just Los Angeles.
According to reports, Clare Bronfman — an heiress to the Seagram’s liquor fortune — is one of four people who has been arrested in connection with the investigation into NXIVM, a “cult-like” group based in the Albany, New York.
In addition to Bronfman, NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman, her daughter Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell were arrested and charged. All four women are expected arraigned on charges of racketeering conspiracy in both local and federal courts.
The indictment charged several top members of the NXIVM organization with running a criminal enterprise, identity theft, harboring of aliens for financial gain, extortion, forced labor, sex trafficking, money laundering, wire fraud and obstruction of justice.
via The Times Union:

The charges allege the defendants took part in recruiting and grooming sexual partners for Raniere and of using “harassment, coercion and abusive litigation to intimidate and attack perceived enemies and critics of Raniere.” The indictment, which describes NXIVM as having been run as a type of pyramid scheme, alleges that they encouraged “associates and others to take expensive NXIVM courses, and incur debt to do so, as a means of exerting control over them and to obtain financial benefits for the members of the enterprise.”
The indictment unsealed Tuesday is a crippling blow to an organization that took shape in the Capital Region in the late 1990s. Under the direction of Raniere and Salzman, who had touted NXIVM’s training curriculums as a way for participants to improve their lives, the organization quietly built a following that included actors as well as many wealthy and politically powerful people.
NXIVM also developed a reputation for aggressively pursuing critics and defectors who broke from its ranks. It also has been accused of using litigation to punish defectors who have criticized Raniere, the organization, or its training methods. NXIVM also required its employees and devotees to sign non-disclosure agreements that was used as a weapon in the litigation against some of those who defected.

Also arrested in connection with this cult was Smallville actress Allison Mack, who was charged with sex trafficking in April.
The whole report reads like something out of a movie, so if you feel like diving deeper into the rabbit hole, you can read the entire bonkers report over at The Times Union.
My biggest takeaway? There is some shady, shady shit that goes on in this world that the masses are mostly ignorant to and this is an example of it.

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COED’s Quick Fix: Everything You Need To Know Today-7/24
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