Top 10 Worst Fan Bases In College Football

There is nothing like the spirit and camaraderie of College Football. Fans from around the country flock to either their living rooms or stadiums in order to watch their favorite team play on those fantastic fall Saturdays. There’s truly nothing else like it in the world. I desperately need College Football back so I can just binge watch it without any regret whatsoever. In every sport, however, there are programs that truly stand out in the worst way possible. It’s mostly based on how they present themselves on the field and the fans also play a large part in that equation. Teams are hated because they are good and always find a way to win. Others are hated because they dwell on the past way too often. With that being said, let’s look at 10 of the most hated programs in College Football.

10. Pitt Panthers

Coming in at 10 is the 2016 Pinstripe Bowl participant. You may be asking; “Why is a lower-level ACC school on here?” Well, let me tell you. Now, they barely fill Heinz Field but they are a difficult bunch to deal with. Yes, obviously when they play Penn State, all of their atrocious behavior comes out to play. Spitting at PSU fans, wanting to attack them for wearing blue and white, and the classic Sandusky joke. (Which is the oldest insult in the book. They lack creativity). They run their mouths about how great they were with Tony Dorsett and Dan Marino. However, that was eons ago and these fans still act like they’re a good team. It’s hard to verbally attack another team when your team isn’t very good. Just saying. Your argument is invalid as well if you bring up 42-39 in 2016. It’s 33-14 now and it’s only going to get worse. Sorry, not sorry.

9. Clemson Tigers

Clemson gets most of this heat from SEC fans because they really try their best to act like an SEC team. I personally do not have a problem with any Clemson fans at all. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if they had a certain type of arrogance that was on the same level as Alabama but just a bit lower. They call their stadium Death Valley and that’s the same name as LSU‘s stadium. In all honesty though, who knows how Clemson fans will present themselves after winning another National Title. Will the arrogance reach Alabama’s level? Or will they create their own level of arrogance?

8. USC Trojans

There is no mistaking that USC is one of the most successful programs in all of College Football. However, their fanbase is way too annoying. USC fans have the ability to act shocked when their team has a good season and will later stick a win down your throat and let you know it. USC is also one of those bandwagon programs where some “fans” can’t name any other players besides Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Sam Darnold, and even Juju Smith-Schuster. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that they are on this list. Conquest on repeat after the Rose Bowl in 2017 still gives me PTSD. Thanks, Sam Darnold.

7. Florida State Seminoles

Florida State Seminoles

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The glaring thing that stands out when it comes to Florida State fans is that they try and defend any player that clearly does something wrong. They verbally attack and abuse any member of the media at any time and it’s not shocking at all. Jameis Winston was protected at all costs and Nole fans would lash out at critics. Even after the Winston era, they still call out the media for writing stories about players that committed a crime. I mean, if players at Florida State can’t hold themselves accountable, do you think the fans will do the same? Probably not.

6. Texas Longhorns

Texas fans have been saying the same thing for the past five years. Texas is back! Well, not quite. Does “back” mean losing to Kansas in 2016? Or starting in the top 25 when you’re clearly not worthy? How about losing to Maryland in the 2017 season opener? Longhorns fans absolutely hate to hear the truth when it’s presented to them. Everything is bigger in Texas. The stadium is huge, the hype is big, and the arrogance is even bigger. Seriously though, when will Texas be back? It may be soon. However, Texas fans will find another excuse if 2018 doesn’t go well.

5. West Virginia Mountaineers

Alright look, I find WVU fans to be some of the most interesting fans in the country. They win, the burn couches. They lose, they burn couches. They have a bye week, they burn couches. See a familiar trend? However, they are also extremely brutal. When they lost to LSU in 2011, they assaulted a pregnant LSU fan when she was trying to leave the stadium. Come on now! That’s just completely unnecessary! I get that WVU is a diehard fanbase but abusing an opposing team’s fan is just way too much. If there’s one thing I do love about WVU fans, they hate Pitt too. Respect for hating Pitt but no respect for beating other fans. Country Roads, take me home!

4. Michigan Wolverines

Michigan fans are loyal and travel extremely well. In addition to that loyalty, there is a certain attitude that these fans carry. Michigan fans hang onto wins and their history for way too long and it’s their go-to excuse. They haven’t won a National Title since 1997 and they still think that they’re on the same level as Alabama. They walk around gloating about how great Bo Schembechler was and that they won the most Big Ten Championships and how Jim Harbaugh will lead them to a National Title. Once you put them in their place, they start crying about how they have the most wins in College Football, they were robbed against Ohio State in 2016, and will even bring up a win from before any of us were even born! Hell, they’ll even recycle their arguments. It’s quite simple, beat them and watch their fanbase explode. It’s rather comical when that happens. Not to mention Jim Harbaugh still hasn’t won a Big Ten title. Sounds like a yikes to me.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State Buckeyes
Close your eyes and let me paint a picture. Take a look at a Michigan fan just tweak it a bit. You keep the same level of arrogance and history telling but swap out maize and blue with scarlet and grey. Then you throw in a lot of alcohol and an ungodly amount of face paint. That, ladies and gentlemen, is an Ohio State fan. Ohio State fans cry and complain and look for almost any excuse as to why they lose a game. They always claim that they are underrated but start in the top four in the polls each year and that just makes zero sense. Ohio State fans try to play like they’re a victim of a hate-crime, but they’re the ones committing the crime. They are easily some of the biggest instigators in College Football and act like they’re better than everyone in the SEC. They also lead the anti-SEC party, which is hysterical. Buckeye fans are truly one of a kind.

2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Now, let me present the biggest bandwagon in College Football. Kids and adults alike who know absolutely nothing about College Football will say that they are Notre Dame fans. Notre Dame is also one of those teams that will finish a season 4-8 and still find their way into the Top 25 polls for the next season. Irish fans hang onto wins and their history much like Michigan fans, but it’s much more extreme. Talking to a Notre Dame fan is like talking to a brick wall. Trying to speak the truth to them is pretty much impossible and they also whine when they are “disrespected.” They win their first game of a new season and they’ll say that they’re going to the National Championship. It’s stuff like this where you can’t fix delusion at all. Notre Dame fans are everywhere and they’re like parasites.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama Crimson Tide
Here’s the thing, Alabama fans have a reason to run their mouths. They have the best coach in College Football, they are a living dynasty, and they’re not stopping anytime soon. The arrogance comes from winning and it’s an arrogance that irritates all of College Football. From my one experience with Alabama fans, they are extremely nice but they also walk around knowing that their team is good and will most likely kick the absolute daylights out of your team on that given Saturday. Harvey Updyke was an Alabama fan that poisoned the trees at Toomer’s Corner at Auburn. He said that there was “too much Bama in him.” Not going to lie, that’s a level of arrogance that probably can’t ever be matched.

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