Kansas City Shooting: Full Story & Must-See Details

After three police officers were shot during an altercation in Kansas City, officials have said that they also shot and killed a suspect connected to the case this past Sunday afternoon.

What happened?

According to The Kansas City Star, the unidentified suspect barricaded himself in a house in the southeast part of the city. After emerging from the home, he was hot and killed in an exchange of gunfire, as confirmed by police Chief Rick Smith in a statement with reporters.
The suspect barricaded himself inside a home about a mile from a local motel, later identified as the Sky-Vu Motel, where he had shot two officers during an undercover operation.
While officials have not released the identity of the suspect to the public, he is said to have been a person of interest in the fatal shooting of a University of Missouri-Kansas City student, identified as Sharath Koppu, during a robbery earlier this month.
According to The Kansas City Star, police chief Rick Smith release the following statement concerning the suspect:

“We’ve been looking for him all week.”
“This is the first time we laid eyes on him.”

Three officers were shot; two during a previous altercation

The suspect is believed to have shot two police officers during an undercover operation at a motel less than two miles from the nearby Kauffman Stadium. The suspect then fled in a vehicle with another person, who themselves was later arrested when officers managed to locate the vehicle.
A third officer was later shot in the arm during the standoff believed to have taken place during the time of the barricade.
At this time, all three of the wounded officers are expected to recover
As this story is developing, more information will be updated as it is released and made available.

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