Andrea Russett Net Worth 2021: How Much Is Andrea Worth Now?

Andrea Russett, the beautiful fierce brunette with a killer personality and sense of humor has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. As an actress and active internet personality, Russett has built her following through social media. Andrea has even created her own horror film through a series of snapchats she would later title Sickhouse and release through FullScreen studios. Let’s see just how much money this empowered female entrepreneur has made throughout all her business ventures so far.

Andrea Russett 2019 Net Worth:

Early Life:

Andrea Russett was born on June 27th, 1995 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Russett realized she had interest in television and radio broadcast around her early teens. Andrea created her first online video as part of a contest to meet Justin Bieber. Russett’s video would end up being featured in Bieber’s Never Say Never movie, from there her Youtube career began to take off.
Andrea attended a private Catholic high school while making daily Youtube videos. Before the start of Russett’s junior year, she dropped out after signing a contract with the social media influencer television and movie studio Fullscreen. Andrea moved to California and was planning to finish out high school online, but left the online program before her final year. Russett felt that everyone learned differently and she couldn’t learn by reading books and taking tests, she had to learn by doing something and making a difference. That is exactly what Andrea did.

From Indiana to California:

Andrea Russett has credited much of her success to her online Youtube community. Russett would post daily videos about her day, began collaborating with other YouTubers and even participated in Youtube events such as VidCon, a social media influencer conference held for fans. Russett collaborated with Kian Lawley her boyfriend from 2013 to 2014. This also held viewer interests being that they were both equally famous in the online community. When the couple broke up the entire fandom was heartbroken.
Russett didn’t let anything set her back, she began acting in 2014 starring alongside Cameron Dallas in his movie Expelled, in which Andrea played his ex-girlfriend. Following that 2016 became a big year for her career, Russett starred in Lovesick, Sickhouse, A Peculiar Tale even making a cameo appearance in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.
Andrea’s television career includes the Youtube series Youtubers React and Escape the Night. Fullscreen also gave her Apologies in Advance with Andrea, her very own show on their streaming network. Russett even guest starred on an episode of MTV’s very own Catfish: The TV Show.

At only twenty-two years old Russett has already accomplished so much! Andrea is a powerhouse of a person, nothing is stopping her from reaching for the stars in every business venture she is apart of. Russett has a good head on her shoulders when it comes to her morals and loves to help her fans as much as she can. Andrea has even opened up about her own struggles on her video blogs. Russett has shared the pressures of her fame and has acknowledged the fact that she too struggles with body image issues. She is the ideal social media model for young girls of today! I can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

Andrea Russett Socials Media

Instagram: andrearussett
Twitter: AndreaRussett


Youtuber Andrea Russett has uploaded a new video on her channel about shopping online under influence.

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