Lil Tay Net Worth 2024: How Much Is Lil Tay Worth

The music industry has seen a lot of child prodigies over the years, whether it be Mozart or Michael Jackson. Now, another name can be added to these ranks: Lil Tay, who made headlines after appearing at Coachella alongside Woah Vicky. The self-proclaimed “youngest flexer of the century” has already made a name of herself boasting about her wealth and calling out those who lack status and she’s only nine years old. Just remember what most of us did with our lives when we were nine years old! Before you ask, we’re not entirely sure what her real name is, either. That said, let’s take a look at her life over the years, starting with her net worth!

Lil Tay Net Worth As Of 2019: $500,000

Lil Tay’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Let’s take a look at her life over the years to see how she came so far, especially at a young age.

The Early Years

Little is known about Lil Tay’s life’s early life. When she first made it big, we were not sure what her real name is or who her parents are, but her mother was later identified as a woman named Angela Tian who worked in real estate, but you don’t become Instagram-famous by being completely anonymous. Over the years, she’s given Jetski, Cosgrove, and Tervali as possible last names. She’s a native of Atlanta, Georgia, where she says to have risen from poverty to moved on to California, becoming a rapper at the tender age of seven. Lil Tay notably became known through collaborations with other celebrities like Rice Gum.


In 2015, Lil Tay launched her own YouTube channel, which has already earned over 87,000 subscribers with more than 2.1 million combined views. As of early 2018, her most popular upload is Lil Tay Responds to Rice Gum (Sister Bully), which already has around 2 million views. At the time, she only had two videos on her channel, meaning that she could certainly monetize her work. 2018 saw to be a good year for her, with her appearance at Coachella and the release of her song, Money Way, already earning her 35,000 views on YouTube. In 2018, she became involved in a physical confrontation with Bhad Bhabie in California. During this time, Tay’s mother became the subject of controversy for allowing her daughter’s actions; when Tian’s boss learned that a client’s car was used for one of Lil Tay’s videos, she resigned from her job. Tay continued to release videos during her mother’s unemployment.


Controversial 11-year-old Instagram celebrity Lil Tay’s Instagram account is being used to wage a harassment campaign against her father.

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