Tyler Posey Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Tyler Worth?

Tyler Posey, the fun-loving Teen Wolf himself, made a name for himself in Hollywood long before he starred on the small screen as the true Alpha himself Scott McCall. Posey shared his first kiss with Miley Cyrus in Doc and starred alongside the beautiful Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan. Let’s see how Tyler got his start and just how much he’s earned in the entertainment industry so far.

Tyler Posey Net Worth As Of 2019: $7 Million



Tyler Garcia Posey was born on October 18. 1991 in Santa Monica, California. His father John Posey was a writer and an actor. Posey grew up in Santa Clarita, California. Tyler had a very close-knit bond with his parents and his brother and started acting at a very young age. Posey having watched his father both perform in shows and write them,  he knew he wanted to follow the same path.
Tyler started out his film history in 2000 with an uncredited role as the boy in Men of Honor. In 2001-2004 Posey landed a roll on Billy Ray Cyrus’ hit television show Doc. Tyler shared his first kiss ever with Miley Cyrus during one of the episodes. In 2002 he was cast as Mauro in the movie Collateral Damage, In that same year, he also was cast as Jennifer Lopez’ son in Maid in Manhattan, Ty Ventura.
Tyler Posey even auditioned for the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga but lost the role to Taylor Lautner one of his good friends. Taylor and Tyler regularly went for the same roles as child actors. But none of these films or shows could compare to Tyler’s break out role of a lifetime on MTV’s hit series Teen Wolf. A series loosely based off the hit 1985 horror comedy movie, starring Michael J. Foxx.

TeenWolf and Beyond: 2010-Present


Tyler Posey was cast as Scott McCall in the MTV’s series Teen Wolf, the piloted aired in 2011. The show was an instant hit, Posey’s character Scott was a fun-loving teenager dealing with the trials and tribulations of high school. One night after discovering a body in the woods and being attacked by a wolf his whole life changes. This show takes you along for the ride as Scott not only deals with the problems of high school and teen love but being a teen werewolf as well.
Teen Wolf ran for a total of six years. One of MTV’s longest scripted series to date! Following the ending of the show that truly gave Tyler Posey his name and his best friend on and off screen Dylan O’Brien, Posey guest starred on Jane the Virgin and as himself on Hell’s Kitchen. He has also been apart of Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare alongside Lucy Hale and Nolan Funk. Tyler Posey has just completed The Last Summer which has a release date set for early 2019. Posey will, however, be making one more MTV series appears as he stars in the upcoming new season of MTV Scream this fall!
Tyler Posey’s other projects include starring in some very famous music videos! Such as Halsey’s “Colors” as her love interest. Posey has also starred in “Secrets” by State Champs one of his favorite bands, Travis Mills “Young & Stupid” and Best Coasts “Our Deal” playing Chloe Grace Moretz love interest.
I can’t wait to see what project Tyler takes on next in his career!


Teen wolf-lovers can look forward to seeing Tyler Posey on Netflix’s new movie The Last Summer along with KJ Apa.

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