FIFA Tells World Cup Cameramen To Stop Filming "Hot" Fans

FIFA, the most corrupt sporting government in the world, has finally taken a stand. After years — nay, decades! — of corruption, the world’s football government has finally decided to travel down the high road and take a stand.
But not a stand against corruption or bribery or any of the nefarious issues that have plagued FIFA over the decades, but against … cameramen filming pretty women in the crowd? Typical FIFA.
Following some internet backlash for some of their cameramen’s habit of filming attractive young women attending the games, FIFA has decided to introduce new filming policies.
via Fox News:

Federico Addiechi, head of FIFA’s diversity program, called the plan “a normal evolution,” and said broadcasts during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia have already improved from the 2014 tournament in Brazil.
“This is one of the activities that we definitely will have in the future – it’s a normal evolution,” Addiechi said when asked whether it was now an official policy. “We have done it on a case-by-case basis when some cases arose — and they were pretty evident.”
Russian broadcasters have been accused of zooming in on female fans, such as when a glamour model in the stands received significant attention during the tournament’s opening match, according to the Sun.

Interestingly enough, the Observer reports that FIFA’s efforts appear to have been effective over the course of the tournament, with Tuesday’s semifinal match between France and Belgium featuring shots of mostly “middle-aged men and younger fans wearing patriotic garb.”
The cameramen only have two more games to keep it in their pants, though, as the World Cup 3rd place game between England and Belgium is on Saturday, with the final between France and Croatia coming on Sunday.

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