It’s Not Coming Home: The Internet Reacts To England’s World Cup Loss

Unfortunately for England and their loyal fans, football is unfortunately not coming home as the Three Lions fell to a resilient Croatia side in extra-time 2-1.

Despite taking an early lead on a 5th-minute free kick from Kiernan Trippier, England went on to concede in the 68th minute and again in the 109th minute, with Mario Mandzukic’s extra-time goal proving to be the game-winner.

England had tons of momentum heading into the semi-final game, in part because of their youth in the squad and the enthusiasm of their fanbase, particularly, their embracement of the “It’s Coming Home” song.

However, because England and their fans leaned so heavily into “It’s Coming Home”, it was obviously thrown back in their face as soon their tournament run came to an end.

England’s young side was one of the surprises of the tournament as a semi-final appearance far exceeded any expectations that fans had for this team heading into the tournament.

As for Croatia, they will face France in the World Cup Final on Sunday, July 15.

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