Top 5 Best LeBron James Basketball Shoes Ranked

You can’t go wrong with basketball shoes. With Nike and Adidas teaming up with basketball superstars, there is no disappointment in this type of shoe. It’s the design, feel, overall performance a basketball shoe has that makes it the best. No soccer, football, baseball, or running shoe can beat basketball. Unless you make it shoot fireworks, now that would be a cool shoe to wear. Probably one of the most prominent basketball athletes in the business, LeBron James, has one of the largest fan bases in just his shoe brand. We will keep seeing his shoe brand build as his career dies down, he will probably keep creating shoes when he’s in a wheelchair. Here are our top 5 favorite LeBron basketball shoes.

Nike LeBron XI

From his signature line, LeBron comes out with his LeBron XI that basically looks like a protective boot. With Hyperposite construction, zoom air cushioning, and Flywire support. The shoe is made to be durable and stable when in motion on the court. Though it looks like a really high-end shoe, LeBron has made it easy for many can afford his brand, and like this one, everyone can take a shot at it; no pun intended.

Nike LeBron X

Probably one of the closest shoe to look like a white power ranger shoe. We aren’t bashing on the style, but with the white and gold, you would think a power ranger would wear it. And we wouldn’t be surprised if a power ranger wore it, it’s lightweight and has a breathable tongue for a more cooling foot. But, if white isn’t your style don’t get worried, there are plenty of other colors in this style.

Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier VIII

The soldier line, one with a collar strap and a zipper. This allows for quick and easy on and off shoe wearing. Like most shoes in this line, it comes with Flywire cables and Phylon midsoles. These shoes have a lot of traction for quick cuts on the court and have a natural range of motions for those fast players.

Nike Air Max LeBron XII EXT

One of the best rated LeBron basketball shoes, the Air Max allow for quick movement with the multi-directional traction. The grip on the souls gives the player a sure footing on the court as well as off the court. This shoe is meant for a skilled player in need of a better way to up their game.

Nike LeBron XII Elite

Once you look at these, you will agree that these are probably one of the most cooling set of basketball shoes LeBron has come out with, and definitely the most expensive. A unique style that gives players traction on the court while also providing a breathable mesh. A shoe that is more for larger players with bigger feet, they would carry more of their weight stress on their feet. Which is what the XII Elite shoes would help with, they cushion feet inside. Now, excuse us while we go find out piggy banks to go get ourselves a pair.

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