Top 5 Mom Stereotypes We Still Get Annoyed At

Growing up is hard enough with puberty and real pressure, but what makes growing up even harder is the person who gets to have a front row seat to it all. Our mothers are the best, and they are loving and always has everyone’s backs. But, there were times we wished they could give us some breathing room. And by breathing room, I mean an actual arm’s length distance with no touching or brushing our hair from our faces. Mom’s have a way of over worrying or overprotecting, while others tend to have the accidental loss of the memory that they had a child. Every mom has once left their child somewhere; you can admit it. No matter how old you are, you’ve experienced this type of mom in your life. Here are our top five mom stereotypes we still get annoyed at.

The Planner Mom

Where you kid who was always early to school, to a soccer game, to band practice, or a family dinner? Were there calendars pinned up all over your house with times and check marks? Did you continuously hear alarms going off in your home? If you said yes to every one of these, you had this mom. This is the mom that always had to have a planned schedule. Everything had to be written down and put into a time slot. This mom is usually found running around in the house, grocery store, or mall. But, it’s more the run-walk because they are too scared to break the no running rule. There is nothing wrong with this mom, but be careful when they have their little outburst because of a miss scheduled plan. It’s like watching shark week.

Glued To The Hip Mom

The mom that would never leave you alone. She was the one who always chaperoned your field trips or dances, accompanied you on your dates, and always talked to you and your friends instead of the other adults. Often confused with a helicopter parent but in this case, the mom doesn’t want to protect but more be precisely like their child. If you make a change in your style, she will do the same. If you dye your hair a different shade, she will do the same. If you go vegan, she will do the same. There are no boundaries with this type of mom. It would be simple to tell this mom to stop, but it’s like their fuel to keep going when they hear the word ‘no.’ And if you think you are free when you get to college, think again. They will probably end up being your dorm mate.

The Police Mom

Also known as the toolkit mom, she has everything at any given moment. Hand sanitizer, bug spray, sunscreen, tissues, chapstick, eye drops, gum, she’s like Mary Poppins on steroids. But, it isn’t just the never-ending purse or toolkit, it’s also the constant worry her child is going to die. If the sun is out, her child cannot go outside or else, and they will get sun poisoning. She will keep her kids home from school if she hears a child was sent back for catching the flu. If she could, there would be bubble wrap and caution tape on her child. You can find this mom by listening carefully for the words, “don’t run,” “be careful,” “put that down,” “put on your jacket,” “stay away from that,” “wash your hands,” “tie your shoes,” etc.

The Hot Mess Mom

This mom is usually never found because of her constant forgetfulness of appointments, play dates, and sporting events. If you do see her, she is probably wearing three-day-old jeans, a shirt filled with coffee stains, and she looks like she makes up was put on by her four-year-old child. But, don’t think they are unhappy, they will laugh at how much of a mess they are. They embrace their hot mess like it’s their soul mate. This is the mom who never left college. She is lazy but admits it like it’s an award. The mom who knows she can’t be perfect and encourages other mom’s not to worry all the time. The hot mess mom could teach the police mom a few things.

Wine & Coffee Mom

Coffee and wine are her best friends. If she doesn’t have a cup of coffee, she probably has a glass of wine. This is a woman who can not live without these two liquids in her life. No matter how loud their child is crying, they will always pour themselves a cup of coffee in the morning. And before those bedtime stories are told, mom must fuel up with a glass of wine. If it isn’t apparent already, you will find this mom holding a travel mug that is either filled with coffee or wine. But, if every mom is holding one they are best known for wearing sunglasses inside due to their over-consumption of wine the night before, but there are never any regrets for them.

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