Top 5 Dad Stereotypes We Still Roll Our Eyes At

Dads, you love and hate them at the same time. You never know how you feel about them but somehow amongst the weirdness inside of them, they can get more annoying every day. Don’t take this as a dad bashing, all dads are amazing and heartwarming, but there are some who are put in a particular category of embarrassment. We have all had or have seen the embarrassing dad, and there isn’t just one. There are many, and it’s like they are in a cult to embarrass all of our pre-adult lives. Here are our top five dad stereotypes we still roll our eyes at no matter what.

Triathlon Dad

The dad who thinks they are superman. Nothing can stop them from achieving one of the hardest races in the world. They will show off their fancy bikes to your friends, train for about an hour, then go and grab a donut for a good day’s work. They will only talk about the triathlon and nothing else. If you had a good day at school, they would change the subject back to their day of training for the triathlon. When the day of the triathlon comes around, there will be two results. One, they will finish dead last or not finish at all. Or two, they will purposely skip the triathlon and pretend they forgot.


The do it yourself dad who never calls for help. Plumbers and electricians are the villains of DIY dads. No job is too hard for them to perform. Whether it’s changing a light bulb or trying to get rid of the bee’s nest outside. They will make sure the job get’s done no matter how many times they are rushed to the hospital. These dads are found with a pen behind their ear planning their next big project. Probably a tree house or finding a way to fit a trampoline in the living room. If you are ever in need of this dad, more than likely you can call them, and they will be there in less than four to six hours, no charge.

The Coach Dad

If you woke up to an alarm of your father yelling for you to get downstairs to run sprints, you had the coach dad. You have to succeed, or you are nothing to this father. They would scold you after a game even if you did a good job. They will not take no for an answer with college coaches. If their child isn’t the best at something, it will be their goal to make them the best no matter how dead they feel. Don’t worry they aren’t trying to kill you, and they want what’s best for you and they want free tuition.

The Mothering Dad

This is the dad who acts like a mom. He is always making sure you have a jacket if you get cold, will lather you with sunscreen, and will pitch a fit if you do not come home at a reasonable hour. And yes, these dads do have their periods. Not all the dirty stuff but the emotions. Be careful when your mom and dad link up, it’s like watching a volcano of mixed feelings explode at one time.

The No Rules Dad

These dads don’t give a f**k about anything. They love you, that’s not the issue. But, these are the dads who wouldn’t mind if their child played with pythons. Wearing helmets are overrated, what are life jackets? Rub some dirt on it, and if it’s swollen it means it’s healing, these are the sayings of the no rule dad. They are also known for there most famous saying, “go ask your mom.”

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