Top 5 Professor Stereotypes We Hate To Listen Too

College is already hard enough with the large classes, tight schedules, and constant wondering of how to slip alcohol passed public safety. But, the one thing we can’t get away from is professors. The ones who think we can write a twenty-page paper in one night. It’s just physically impossible, which makes all of us cheat. It’s the easy route to take, and no one will know but you, and the people you tell. Some professors could be friendly and not give you that much work, while others don’t care about your life. No matter which professor you get to remember, you have to deal with a couple of them while they have to deal with thousands of you. Here are our top five professor stereotypes we hate to listen too.

The Lazy Professor

The one who doesn’t care if you show up to class but will manage to give you an average C+ by the end of the semester. For those of you who haven’t had the lazy professor, here is a bit of a rundown. The lazy professor will show up to class late, grade assignments late, hand back tests late, they are, basically, late people. If they had it their way, their class would be watching a movie instead of dragging on with a boring lecture. To them, they are the substitute teacher that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anything besides their paycheck.

The Chill Professor

Everyone’s favorite type of professor. This isn’t the type of professor who lets everyone run around doing whatever they want during class. This is a professor who has fun when teaching. They are laid back with their students and have a plan on how to get their attention. They may play jokes on their students to gain their student’s trusts, or they will allow for everyone to skip one assignment or exam. They are mind controllers of students, be kind to them, and they will listen. It’s their secret trick that many students have not caught on to yet.

The Hard Ass Professor

Everyone has had this professor and, boy, do we not like this professor. They are devils covered in chocolate. If you are confused, please let me explain. These professors may seem sweet and sweet at first, but out of nowhere you find yourself arms deep in assignments that will never touch an A., You are lucky to get a B from this professor. Our best advice is to avoid this professor at all costs. If you are stuck with them, well, good luck. God knows you will need it to survive.

The Forgetful Professor

Ever find yourself waiting till finals season for your grade to pop up online? Do you see yourself begging your professor for your recent grades? Do you constantly remind your professor your name? If you said yes to all of these questions, you would suffer from a forgetful professor. We are sorry to say it, but there is no treatment or cure. You are stuck with them until you graduate. Every assignment you turn in will never be returned to you nor will any exam. This professor is like the Bermuda Triangle, everything you give them will never be seen from or heard from again.

The Gullible Professor

Yes, there is such thing as the gullible professor. Any nice email or conversation you have with them; they will give you anything you want. So innocent and helpless, it’s like watching a lost puppy trying to find it’s way home. But in this case, it’s a professor trying to survive amongst clever students. Extensions added grades, extra credit, the world is yours with this professor. You will never hear a no from this professor. But, please be nice to them. They get scared sometimes and will hide from you if you poke too much. So be mindful.

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