‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning’ Live Stream: How To Watch MTV Online

MTV’s hit reality show “The Challenge” returns on Tuesday, July 10, for “The Challenge: Final Reckoning.” The show marks the conclusion of a series trilogy which follows¬†“XXX: Dirty 30” and “Vendettas.” The season will take place in Africa and feature teams who have a history of betrayals, rivalries, regrets, and wrongdoings. This season, the competition is for a whopping $1 million prize.

All of the information you need for “The Challenge: Final Reckoning” can be seen below.

Watch ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning’ on Phone, Tablet & Mobile Device

Feel like watching “The Challenge: Final Reckoning” on your tablet or mobile device? No access to the boob tube? Don’t sweat it, champ, you can still download the MTV app¬†and be on your merry way. You can also use Roku and Xbox One. If you want full access, make sure you have a cable or satellite subscription.

There’s one other to watch the show on your phone, tablet or mobile device: sign up for SlingTV. If you want to see the VMA awards, you’ll need to sign up for the “Comedy Extra” deal, which adds $5 to your current Sling Orange ($20) or Sling Blue ($25) package. The first week of Sling is absolutely free, and if you cancel your subscription within seven days, you will not be charged a penny.

“The Challenge: Final Reckoning” Cast

Male contestants
Brad Fiorenza
Chris “CT” Tamburello
Chuck Mowery
Derrick Henry
Johnny “Bananas”
Joss Mooney
Jozea Flores
Kyle Christie
Nelson Thomas
Paulie Calafiore
Shane Landrum
Zach Nichols
Female contestants
Amanda Garcia
Angela Babicz
Britni Thornton
Cara Maria Sorbello
Da’Vonne Rogers
Faith Stowers
Jemmye Carroll
Jenna Compono
Kailah Casillas
Kam Williams
Kayleigh Morris
Marie Roda
Melissa Reeves
Natalie Negrotti
Sylvia Elsrode
Tori Deal
Veronica Portillo
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