How To Make Long-Distance Relationship Last: Tips & Advice

Long Distance is a hated word all over the world. No one likes long distance, nor thinks is a good idea. If a couple decides to try long distance, more than likely that relationship is over the moment they say goodbye. You are apart from one another for an extended period, you get lonely, and eventually, you get stressed causing you to panic and leave the person because it becomes “too much.”
Long distance relationships are never secure, there isn’t one answer to make them work. For those who want to make it work, good for you. That’s a big step for your relationship but be advised being apart can cause tension and complicated situations. But, we are here to help you with making your long distance relationship a little less stressful. Here are our five tips and tricks to having a successful long-distance relationship.

Avoid Talking 24/7

No one likes a clingy partner. Texting or calling 24/7 with your partner can become annoying. However, it does depend on the relationship. If you are one of those couples, who do like to talk all the time, by all means, do what makes you two happy. But, for those who have work, internships, class, or any other responsibilities, talking every second of every day can become annoying. Sometimes less is more. The less you talk, the more you miss each other. When the end of the day comes, you start to realize how much you do want to talk to that person and end your night with a friendly phone call or text conversation.

Do Things Together

When there are opportunities where you two are free for an extended period, do something together. Go on a walk while you FaceTime, watch a movie together, play a game with one another. The options are endless; you don’t have to be next to each to do something. You could be thousands of miles away, and you could still have a dinner date. Be creative with your time together.

Stay Honest With One Another

This is important for any relationship but more important when you are far apart. If one of you is going out with friends to a club or bar or anything else, make sure your partner knows what you are doing. You are allowed to have fun without each other, but being honest about where you are going and what you are doing makes the relationship stronger. If you avoid the topic and say nothing, your partner will get worried and suspicious which will lead to a lack of trust in one another.

Know The Other’s Schedule

Knowing your partner’s busy schedule will help you understand when it’s appropriate to call or text. It becomes a distraction when you interrupt their time at work or with their family. And ultimately, you would feel bad if you disturbed your partner during a big event. Communicate and let each other know what you are doing that day or that week. Even better, set a time that day to call one another or set a rule of not calling during lunch or early in the morning because of a class or family meal.

Make An Effort To Visit

This is everyone’s favorite with every relationship, taking time to visit one another. Take some time off and visit your partner. That moment of being able to hug, hold hands, and kiss is something that you long for and finally get to do it when you see each other. These moments become extra special during a long distance relationship. It makes you take in each minute you spend with one another. You will look back and hold on to those memories when you miss them the most.

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