Top 5 Party Stereotypes Who Never Fail At Having A Good Time

Everyone loves a good college party. Music, games, alcohol it’s like Disneyland for college students. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house party, frat party, or a block party, no one will miss the chance to get drunk with their friends. You could make an absolute fool of yourself but not even care until you realize the consequences the next morning. You may be hung over the following day or wake up to some random student you have never met before, but the memories of the night back making all your mistakes worth it. Well, sometimes. Here are our top five party stereotypes who never fail to have a good time.

Drinking Game Champ

Usually found by the beer pong table or shotgunning a beer outside. Every party night is a competition for these people. But, they don’t care if they lose because they get to drink more. They are winners no matter what. It’s free alcohol to them. After a while of becoming a master at these games, they eventually stop trying or dumb it down to keep drinking. These people are great game partners but are horrible when having to take home. Our best advice is to be their partner until you start seeing them lose their balance and then, politely, ditch them before you become responsible for them.

The Screamer/Party Starter

The real life of the party. The screamer can also be known as the party starter since they are usually always the first one on the dance floor and screaming every word of a song. They will, also, randomly yell for no reason at all. But, in some odd way, everyone loves the random screams and follow along. The screamer/party starters are always the first person to the party and the last ones out. To them, parties are their life. Which means, they will probably be in their thirties still trying to sneak their way into college parties.

The Cry Baby

Warning: if you ever see this person at a party, run! The crybaby is nine times out of ten a girl. A few drinks and this person is ready to reflect on their sad memories of their past. The tragic breakups or the thought of having to drink another shot of tequila. Whichever it is, somehow they can cry their eyes out. Some of these crybabies look like they just saw someone die. We have warned you if you see this person leave the party right away. Even if it’s your friend, get out of there and save yourself.

The Zombie

Not an actual zombie, but a very drunk and tired partier. After about five tequila shots and five beers, this person has gone into a half sleep state of partying. Half of them wants to go to sleep while the other still wants to party. Which leaves them with their eyes closed swaying to the music in the middle of the dance floor. They aren’t that hard to miss; they are usually found by themselves on the dance floor. The zombies are also the best at putting to bed. Since they are already half asleep, all you need to do is lead them to their bed, and they will be out in seconds.

Doesn’t Break Curfew

The doesn’t break curfew person is also known as a party pooper. They will try their best to have fun pregaming with their friends because they begged them to go out. After about five minutes at the party, they get bored and spend the next five minutes coming up with an excuse to leave. Sometimes being this person is nice because they will head back to their place and order Chinese or pizza. But, after going out for only ten minutes, they end up cursing at themselves for getting ready for nothing. Thankfully there is pizza to make themselves feel better.

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