The Very Real Struggles Of Living At College & How To Conquer Them

A college is a place of freedom. A place where you are free from your parents and are in charge of your schedule. However, college isn’t the best when you are face to face with real-life struggles. With poor scheduling and organization skills, you are stuck in a corner you have no idea how to get out. This leaves you no choice but to call your parents for help. But, we are here to stop you from embarrassing yourself in front of your parents. Here are our tips and tricks to avoiding the struggles of college.

Group Projects

Group projects can be hell. No one meets to work on the project, they make excuses not to do their work, and sometimes you are left doing all the work. An excellent way to avoid these situations of group projects, tell your professor what is happening. And if you have to, nag your group members to do their work. As long as you do your part of the project, you will end up succeeding and happily watching your group members fail right in front of you.

Meeting The Minimum Requirement

Everyone has been in the position where they have written nine pages of work but still need one more page of content to meet the ten-page requirement. You have tried every trick in the book by adding a space to every ending sentence to making every period two sizes larger. If those tricks don’t work, try adding quotes. Quotes are simple, they take little effort to find, and there is no limit to how long the quote needs to be.

Class Presentations

Are you the person who get’s nervous when talking in front of large groups? If you are this person, sorry there is no cure. But, there is a treatment. Try writing notes or a script of what you are going to say. Practice as much as you can, in the mirror, in the shower, even to the wall. It also helps if you go first, that way you can get your presentation over with and it allows there to be no high expectations.

No Wi-Fi

This is a tricky struggle to fix. Overall, you can’t fix the school Wi-Fi, but you can find other Wi-Fi networks. Find yourself a café or a library where there is Wi-Fi that works. Going out to a café or library will help you get some fresh air and some time to yourself to think. Don’t panic when the Wi-Fi acts up. Take a deep breath and look at your options.

Realizing You Forgot To Do An Assignment

Everyone has had this happen to them at least once. If you are at a point where you have no time to write anything up, don’t panic. Look at your options for fixing the situation. Email your professor and ask for an extension. More than likely they will allow you a few extra days to finish the assignment. Worst case scenario they will give you partial credit for turning it in late. But, at least you got credit instead of none.

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