Guy Calls Police On African American Woman For Using The Community Pool

Adam Bloom has been identified as the man who racially profiled Jasmine Edwards at their neighborhood pool in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
According to the video uploaded to Facebook, Bloom called the police on Edwards and her son after he asked Edwards to present a form of identification to prove they belong at the pool.
Bloom reported her to authorities because she didn’t have an ID card on her. Residents of the Winston-Salem neighborhood are supposedly the only ones allowed to use the pool, and Edwards said she proved her residency by providing her address.
The incident took place on Wednesday, July 4 at the community pool in the Glenridge community.
“This is a classic case of racial profiling in my half a million $$ neighborhood pool,” Edwards said in her original Facebook post.
via Winston Salem Journal:

Winston-Salem police were called to a private community pool Wednesday afternoon after a white man asked a black woman to show her ID.
Video of the incident was posted by Jasmine Edwards to Facebook and had gotten nearly 3 million views by Thursday afternoon.
On Twitter, the incident was trending with the hashtag #idadam. In the video, the woman referred to the man as Adam. Hundreds of people had tweeted about it, with some tweets tagging the man’s alleged employer.
The Glenridge Homeowners Association later identified the man as Adam Bloom. No one answered the door at his home Thursday afternoon.
Edwards and the man both live in the Glenridge community, which is off Robinhood Road, said Karam Gulkham, a lifeguard manager for the pool.

Bloom’s lawyer, John Vermitsky, said the incident was not racially motivated and he was simply doing his job: “It’s not unreasonable for there to be that perception,” Vermitsky said to the New York Post:

His lawyer, John Vermitsky, told The Post that his client works for the Glenridge Homeowners Association, where he and Edwards live, as the pool chairman and board member — so he’s required to ask people for IDs on account of his position.
In fact, he claimed that Bloom wasn’t even the one who initially complained about Edwards.
“He had a pool member come to him and say ‘this person doesn’t appear to be a pool member’ and asked to check their credentials, as he’s required to do so,” Vermitsky said.
“[Edwards] became loud and confrontational, and he wanted to make sure that the situation was handled properly.”

Bloom resigned from his position as pool chairman and board member on Thursday, July 6.
He has since been nicknamed ‘Pool Patrol Peter’, similar to other nicknames given to individuals who have engaged in racial profiling such as “Permit Patty” and “BBQ Becky.”

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