The Warriors Obnoxiously React To The Signing Of Demarcus Cousins

Has there ever been a professional sports team as hateable as the Golden State Warriors? Seriously, I think Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are more well-liked than the Warriors at this point.
Whether it be Curry’s arrogance, Durant’s snake-ness, Draymond’s ugliness, or Klay’s dumb face-ness, the Warriors have a knack for rubbing people the wrong way.
Now, do people dislike the Warriors because they’re successful? Well, of course — that’s always a factor.
But Dwayne Wade was successful and everyone liked him. KG was successful and everyone (mostly) liked him. Yes, the Warriors are dominant, but it’s the way the act about their domination that’s f*cking annoying.  And their reactions to the Cousins signing just prove that.
Don’t believe me? Here’s  Steph Curry, a 30-year-old father who has won three NBA titles, using seven laughing emojis on Twitter:

And here’s Draymond and KD also immediately hopping on social media to act like overzealous teenagers (don’t forget the laughing emojis, of course):

You see: it’s not the Warriors’ winning that bothers people, it’s how they react to those wins that drive sports fans crazy. Just shut the hell up and enjoy your dynasty.

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