This Is Why You Never Reconnect With Friends From High School

The last day of high school is sad for a lot of people. Saying goodbye to all your friends before you head off to college is heartbreaking. The constant promises of keeping in touch, but in reality you never do. After a finishing a couple semesters or quarters you realize that you don’t want to have to reconnect with old high school friends. That doesn’t mean you can’t, you may be close to those friends and want to stay together. But, there are times where you want to leave high school in the past, and that includes the people that were in it.


High school was a time of puberty, curfews, first kisses, dances, driving, etc. But, you are an adult now and have experienced the real world. College is a new world with new opportunity. You get to meet new people that become lifelong friends. The nights of staying up studying with your roommate, the twelve o’clock ice cream runs, movie nights, lunch dates, gym sessions, etc. You start to discover yourself and see where you belong in the world. You will surround yourself with other adults who are experiencing the same thing. So, what about your friends from high school?

It ’s, and you can connect with your old friends, but it’s not the same. There are usually two scenarios that happen when reconnecting with old high school friends. One, you are both on two separate sides of life. You have discovered what you want to do in life and it’s the complete opposite of your friend. Two, one of you has not grown up. That usually happens with the people who are still living in the glory days of high school. The ones who peaked in high school. These things happen, and it sucks when you realize it. And once you know it, you stop talking to them and focus on your life with your new friends.


As you get older, you tend to avoid your friends from high school. This is the time you have accepted the loss of friendships, and you want to live your own life separate from everyone else. You are tired of the “hey, how are you?”, “how is life?”, “what are you doing these days?”, Type of conversations that will eventually lead to “let’s get together sometime.” And let’s all agree you never do. For those of you who do say these things, if you are at the mall or the grocery and see an old friend from high school who is trying to hide from you, take the hint and don’t talk to them. There is a reason they are trying to avoid you.

Let’s be honest. For those of you who are still in high school or just graduated, the goodbye’s you say to your best friend from childhood will probably be your last goodbye. Yes, it’s heartbreaking, but you will understand once you go off to college what I am trying to explain to you. The only way you could stay friends is if you’ve known that person since birth or your parents knew each other when they were kids. Those are usually one in a million and can only happen in hallmark and lifetime movies. Now, don’t get sad because college is full of people who will become your new best friends that you will hang onto your entire life.

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