Secretly Homeless Student Now Closing In On College Graduation

Antonio Dawkins has an incredible story. Currently a football player at Bluefield College and just two semesters away from becoming the first member of his family to graduate college, Dawkins didn’t always have it so easy. While a student at Fort Mill High School, one of the wealthiest high schools in his area, Dawkins spent a majority of his time secretly homeless.
Dawkins would secretly sneak into the high school for late-night showers, hoping not to get caught by the janitor.
Bryant eventually befriended Tee Muhammad, and his mother Shallie Bryant was quick to welcome Bryant into their home.
“Tee’s always bringing kids home,” said Bryant, via The Herald. “We’re not even rich but apparently he thought we were. You have all of these kids living in $500,000 houses up on Lake Wylie and they all want to come to my house and eat pizza rolls! But I was struck by Antonio because he immediately reminded me a lot of Tee. I just remember thinking this little boy is trouble because he is so charming.
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“Kids should just be able to be kids. They were just going through some hard times. I never asked him about it, I just made sure that he wasn’t hungry and that he had the things he needed.”
Muhammad and Dawkins would eventually go on to be teammates and roommates at Bethany College before Muhammad tragically passed away in 2015 after drowning near his home. It was the latest tragedy for Dawkins, who also had one brother murdered, three brothers in and out of prison, and no relationship with his biological father.
Despite all of the obstacles, Dawkins found his way to Bluefield College and is excelling on the football field and in the classroom.
Dawkins has made the Dean’s List every year of college and is now closing in on a huge accomplishment that shows what you can do when you really put your mind to something. Best of luck to Dawkins during the remainder of his college journey — which you can read about in full detail here.

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