You Don't Need That Dream Summer Body, Here Is Why

It’s almost summer time, a time where people are going to the beach, going out to clubs, spending time with friends, and the one thing we all hate showing off those skinny, toned bodies. You might be one of those who has been working on getting that body since the end of winter break. You could also be one of those who has only been working on that summer bod for two weeks. But, this isn’t an article on how to get that summer body. I am here to inform you that you don’t need that summer body. You are beautiful the way you are, even if you don’t believe it. And I’m here to tell you why you should love the body you have now.

For all you men and women who continuously look in the mirror and squeeze every inch of your body complaining about how you don’t have your dream body. You all need to shut up! Yes, I did tell you to shut up. You need to stop putting negative thoughts in your mind and bringing down your confidence level. The mirror is your worst enemy, not you but the mirror. If people refused to look in the mirror, we would all be so much happier.
We all need to learn that being happy creates confidence, confidence builds motivation, and overall we don’t care how we look or what other people think of us. So, forget about the haters, throw away that evil mirror, and go out and be proud of how beautiful and handsome you are. All of those emotions of accepting yourself for who you are will always stay with you. No amount of hate and disgust around you will take your happiness and confidence away.

Now, for those who are happy with who they are but do want to be healthy here is our advice to you. Create a plan, set goals, and don’t expect so much in so little time. Remember, you are getting better every day, and you never started from a wrong place. It’s getting better than you already were.

It’s time to forget about the bullies of the world and let our happiness take over. Inspire other people to be happy with who they are, inside and out. You don’t need a summer body, because we already have a body that is fit for every season. You are perfect!

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