Is It Wrong To Wear Socks To Bed?

There are people out in the world who believe it’s a crime to wear socks to bed, while there are others who have cold feet at night and they would like to wear a simple pair of socks to bed. Socks under the sheets are wrong but what about those who are cold at night. Are they put into this group of disgusting people? Which leads me to my questions, is it wrong to wear socks to bed?

For the people who will go out and protest that you should never wear socks to bed, here are their reasoning’s. Warning, there may be some disgusting topics moving forward involving feet. But, if you haven’t figured out that we are talking about feet, I suggest you read an article about the human body.
On the gross side, wearing socks to bed can leave you with a morning bath of foot sweat. Your toenails scratch against the fabric. You can feel your dead skin catch on the sock. And the smell is like waking up in a men’s locker room. No one wants any of those. If you are one who does want all of that, you may have a foot fetish.
There are also some severe dangers to wearing socks to bed. You could wake up groggy and slip on the floor. Or build up enough static electricity and shock yourself when you are trying to open your bedroom door. That doesn’t sound fun at all.

Now, for those who do wear socks as they sleep you may have something to hide. Such as maybe long toenails you keep forgetting to trim, a tattoo that went wrong, or you don’t like how your feet look and feel on your bed. With your odd excuses, at that point, it would be okay to wear socks to bed.

Okay, now for the real answer to the question, is it wrong to wear socks to bed? No, it is not wrong to wear socks to bed. Researchers have found that wearing socks to bed can help with sleep patterns. By warming up your feet at night and creating a good circulation from your feet to your head can lead to deeper sleep. It can also help with preventing hot flashes, improve cracked heels, increase orgasms, and decrease the chance of Raynaud’s attack which is a disease that can make your feet and toes lose circulation. Which means, if you want to wear socks to bed, go ahead. Just be prepared your roommate may judge you.

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