Lili Reinhart Net Worth 2021: How Much is Reinhart Worth?

Lili Reinhart, most well known for playing the iconic girl next door Betty Cooper on the CW’s hit show Riverdale began her road to fame in 2010. She’s been a role model for young woman everywhere as fans have followed her on her journey with social anxiety and depression. Lili has managed to overcome so many obstacles that have come her way with grace and integrity. She never gave up on her dream, let’s see what she’s earned so far on the road to fame.

Lili Reinhart Net Worth As Of 2019: $1.3 Million

Early Life: 1996-2015

Lili Pauline Reinhart was born on Septemeber 13th, 1996 in Cleveland Ohio. Reinhart first realized her passion for singing, acting and dancing at the age of ten. She recalls begging her mother to attend auditions for television shows and movies in New York City. Lili always had a dream of one day becoming a movie star. She made her first television debut in 2010 guest starring on the hit television show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Soon after that, she was cast in The Most Girl Part of You, a short film. Then in the movie Lilith, where Lili played the main character, Lilith Watson.
Reinhart’s film career began to take off starring in a bunch of other independent films such as Not Waving But Drowning in 2012. Follow by The Kings of Summer, The First Hope, Gibsonburg and Forever’s End in 2013. Lili starred in all of these productions before she even turned eighteen! Talk about a hard-working teenager!
When Reinhart was finally old enough to move out on her own, at the age of eighteen she headed towards stardom in Los Angeles, California. Lili starred in the television series Cocked and two small films titled Miss Stevens and The Good Neighbor. During Lili’s time in Los Angeles, she began to struggle with her mental health. Working at such a young age is an extremely taxing pressure on your mental health. Reinhart struggled with anxiety and depression at a very young age. She looked to her acting passion as a mental release.
After spending nearly five months in Los Angeles, she almost gave up her dream. She relied on her family to be the support she needed and they were there with her every step of the way. Lili began to find her place in the spotlight soon after that when she landed the role of her dreams as Betty Cooper Riverdale‘s very own girl next door.


February 9, 2016, became one of the most pivotal days in Lili’s career. This was the official day she landed the role as Betty Cooper one of the lead characters on the new CW show Riverdale. The show was based on Archie’s comic series, using all the original characters names but adding a twist. This show was going to take on a much darker sexier makeup than the comic book.
Reinhart had no problem preparing to play Betty Cooper the wholesome well-mannered, studious town sweetheart. Lili has said interviews she loves how Betty isn’t a surface level character. There are so many layers to her, like there to Lili herself. Betty starts off care-free and “perfect”. But as the season goes on you start to realize it was a mask for the darkness lurking within her. Lili was able to actually put herself in Betty’s shoes to play this character. Betty struggles with anxiety as well as Lili, this was an extremely important topic for her to express properly.
Lili Reinhart has been an advocate for mental health and has really encouraged her fans to speak up and get the help they need. No one should feel ashamed to talk about how they feel or why they feel the way they do. She’s truly inspired young women everywhere to never feel alone.
Lili has also managed to find some romance on Riverdale as well. Reinhart’s on-screen love interest is her real-life boyfriend! Cole Sprouse who plays the bruting, intellectual outsider Jughead Jones, has been rumored to be dating Lili since the show’s premiere in 2017. Now they have just confirmed these rumors by attending the 2018 Met Gala together as an official couple! I could not be happier for my favorite sleuthing duo! I can’t want to see what season three of Riverdale has in store for my favorite actress!


After a stunning appearance at the Golden Globes, Lili Reinhart was bombarded with rumors of her breakup with co-star Sprouse owing to the duo’s social media hiatus.

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