Emma Roberts Net Worth 2024: How Much Is Emma Roberts Worth?

Emma Roberts is a young American actress and singer. Roberts, 27, got her start back in 2001 in the crime film Blow. Since then, she became one of Nickelodeon’s biggest child actors in the 2000s, and has starred in multiple films. During that time, she also began a singing career that started in the year 2005.
She has kept up continuing to have roles in both small and big pictures, and her stock doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon.
So just how much is Emma Roberts actually worth?

Emma Roberts Net Worth 2019: $15 Million

Roberts starring in numerous projects and receiving several endorsements has her estimated worth at $15 million dollars. And the crazy thing is, she’ still only in her late 20s and hasn’t even reached her prime. So that number will definitely go up in the future.

Early Life


Emma Roberts was born in Rhinneback, New York on February 10, 1991 to parents Kelly Cunningham and Eric Roberts. Her father Eric, himself was an actor. As a baby, her parents separated.
Roberts, because of her father and her actress-lauded family, including her aunt Julia Roberts, spent a lot of her childhood on the sets of films. It’s been said that all the time spent on these sets, gave Emma a passion to follow in her father and aunts footsteps into the movie industry.
At the age of nine, Roberts made her acting debut as Johnny Depp‘s daughter Kristina Jung in the drama film Blow. It was the first film she had auditioned for, but it was the beginning of he18-year career so far. She was also an extra in Julia’s film American Sweethearts.
In 2002, Roberts appeared in two small roles for family films. She played the sister of the main character in the flick Grand Champion and in the 2006 film, Spymate.
Roberts made the big leap from small roles to her own starring role for Nickelodeon in 2004.



The 13-year old became the lead character Addie Singer on the Nick series Unfabulous. The sitcom was a hit. Roberts was given the nomination for a Teen Choice Award as well as several Young Artist Award nods.
While still doing Unfabulous, Roberts returned to the big screen in the teen-fantasy comedy, Aquamarine. Her performance was recognized in 2007 when she was awarded the Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Young Actress in a Feature Film.
Following up Aquamarine, the teen-actress starred in the mystery comedy titled Nancy Drew. Roberts was praised for her performance in the film. And after Unfabulous finished up its third and final season, Roberts decided to head to the big screen full time.
In 2008, she made her voiceover debut for the character Wilma in the CGI-animated film, The Fight Before Christmas. After that, the roles started coming in bunches for Roberts.



Now an adult, in 2009, Roberts starred in the comedy Hotel For Dogs. She also was the lead in the motion-picture Wild Child.
During February 2009, Roberts was named the brand ambassador for Neutrogena, appearing in print and television ads for the company.
Her biggest role to this point in her career came in 2010 when she co-starred as Grace in the romantic-comedy Valentine’s DayA short time after Valentine’s Day, she had played a role in the films, Twelve and It’s Kind of a Funny Story.
In 2011, Roberts acting credits continued to pile up. Her co-starring role alongside actor Freddie Highmore in the comedy The Art of Getting By, and her role as Jill Roberts in Scream 4 showed her flexibility as an actress.
After Scream 4, Roberts graduated from college and met her fiance to be, Evan Peters. Roberts and Peters first met when they worked together on the 2013 film Adult World, where they both starred along with John Cusack. Not too long after Adult World, Roberts played a key role in the hilarious comedy, We’re The Millers.
Roberts returned to television when she appeared in season three of the horror anthology series, American Horror Story from late 2013 to early 2014. While still working on American Horror Story, Roberts received praise for her performance next to James Franco in the film Palo Alto.
Once done with Palo Alto, the now 23-year old kept garnering roles. She played in multiple pictures, I Am MichaelAshbyThe Blackcoat’s Daughter, and Nerve, kept Roberts busy. But she took on a new project in this time, formally known as Scream Queens.


Scream Queens lasted 22 episodes. After it not getting picked up for a third season, Roberts took part in another drama flick titled Who Are We Now.
Roberts has just finished two new films, Billionaire Boys Club and Little Italy, which are expected to be released later this year.


Emma Roberts plays Uma, a young woman who wakes up in an island-based facility called Paradise Hills in the movie Paradise Hills.

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