Why Does Cristiano Ronaldo Always Wear Long Sleeves?

Despite the fact that he’ll (probably) never win a World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo has already cemented his status as one of the greatest soccer players to ever live.
But in addition to being one of the best on the field, Ronaldo is also one of the all-time greats off the field. Model girlfriends, half-a-billion-dollar net worth, elite genes — if anyone on Earth has it all, it’s Ronaldo.
What makes Ronaldo so successful off the pitch (other than his world-class soccer skills and looks) is that he’s cleverly crafted a bankable brand that has made him the most recognizable athlete in the world.  And part of that expertly crafted brand is his on the field appearance, long sleeves included.
The reason Ronaldo wears long sleeves all the time is not for any sort of tactical advantage, but for appearance. Whether it be for branding purposes (Ronaldo is now synonymous with long sleeve jerseys) or because he simply likes the way they look, Ronaldo’s affection for long sleeves boils down to looks.
Sure, if you dig deep enough you’ll find old photos and videos of Ronaldo wearing the occasional short sleeves Manchester United jersey, but even in his Old Trafford days, it was long sleeves more times than not.
Like I said, he’s a finely crafted brand: he’s got his haircuts, his goal celebration, and his long sleeve jerseys.

Post-Article Interesting Side Note: 
David Beckham, who also played for Manchester United and Real Madrid,  once said he played in long-sleeved jerseys because tattoos are considered offensive in some countries and he wanted to respect that.

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