Top 10 Richest Soccer Players On Earth Right Now

Renown for not only their skills on the pitch but also their business sense, the players mentioned on this list have gone above and beyond to create their own personal self-brand. While there are many players who can do this on the field, not all have the opportunity to act on it through sponsorships, which is a huge reason many of these players find themselves on this list.

10: John Terry: Net Worth – $50M

Chelsea’s most successful player in club history, the veteran defender left last summer to join Aston Villa on a 5 million per year contract. Terry has a total net worth of $50M.

9: Sergio Agüero: Net Worth – $51M

Agüero makes a healthy living both on and off the pitch these days, being paid $13.3M a year from Manchester City, Sergio also makes upward of $18M from his sponsors Puma and Pepsi. The Argentinian is worth a total of $51M.

8: Yaya Touré: Net Worth – $55M

Yaya Touré was anticipated to potentially find himself higher on this list, with his recent free agency, but after signing a one-year extension with Manchester City, his $13.3M a year salary may be cut in half. All in all, the midfielder has a total net worth of $55M

7: Gareth Bale: Net Worth – $72M

The Real Madrid star currently makes $23.4M a year from his club, as well as an additional $11.5M a year from sponsors such as Adidas, Electronic Arts, Sony, and Footlocker. In total, Bale has a net worth of $72M.

6: Eden Hazard: Net Worth – $110M

Hazard is reported as earning $16M a year from his contract with Chelsea. The Belgian is sponsored by Nike but also acts as an endorser for Topps trading card company, as well as Lotus Bakeries, manufacturers of the Biscoff biscuit. Hazard’s net worth comes to a total of $100M.

5: Wayne Rooney: Net Worth – $120M

After leaving Manchester United as the club’s all-time leading goal scorer, Rooney currently plays for Everton where he makes about $9.2M per year. Despite one of the lower contract salaries on this list, Rooney has had an illustrious career and has a net worth of $120M.

4: Zlatan Ibrahimović: Net Worth – $141M

Shocking everyone with a move to the MLS, the polarizing star makes $1.5M per year from his contract with the LA Galaxy. Sponsored by Nike, and a patent on his own name in Sweden, Ibrahimović certainly knows a thing or two about self-branding. Which is why it is no surprise to find his name towards the top of this list, with a net worth of $141M.

3: Neymar Jr.: Net Worth – $185M

The man at the center of the single most expensive league transfer of all time, Neymar caught everyone’s eye when he made his move from FC Barcelona to Paris-Saint Germain. Neymar is currently making just under $31M per year from his PSG contract and has a significant source of income in his sponsorships with Nike, Konami, and L’Oreal. At the end of the day, this Brazilian is worth a total of $185M.

2: Lionel Messi: Net Worth – $295M

All you need to know is that after his recent contract renewal with FC Barcelona, the Argentinian makes half a million dollars every week. His $33.4M per year contract paired with about $27M in sponsorship income from companies like Adidas, Pepsi, Gillette, and Turkish Airlines has given Leo a total net worth of $295M.

1: Cristiano Ronaldo: Net Worth – $321.5M

Although his salary is less than that of Messi, his $24.4M per year contract with Real Madrid is nothing to scoff at. Especially considering the fact that Ronaldo blows everyone else out of the water when it comes to sponsorships. Regarded as “a human billboard,” Ronaldo has huge deals with companies ranging from Nike, Tag Heuer, and Armani, in addition to his own personal brand CR7 which sells products such as aftershave and various clothing lines. Ronaldo has a staggering net worth of $321.5M.

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