Gerod Martin: Full Story of Oregon National Guardsman

Gerod Martin, a 21-year-old Oregon National Guardsman, will be disciplined after commenting on Facebook “they’re (immigrants) lucky we aren’t executing them.” Martin left the comment on a Facebook fundraiser for immigrant families that have been separated at the United States-Mexico border.
The fundraiser, which Martin called a ‘waste of money’, has raised over $20 million so far. The money is being raised for the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.
While Major Stephen Bomar, a spokesman for the Oregon Military Department, suggested that Martin was hacked, Martin quickly admitted to posting the comment.
Martin is a military police officer who has been part of the Oregon National Guard since December 2013.
via Oregon Live:

Bomar confirmed Martin, 21, admitted to posting the comment. He wouldn’t elaborate on what discipline Martin will face but said the “large outcry” from the post spread to members of Martin’s outpost.
Martin has apparently scrubbed his Facebook page. Screenshots of his comment and his Facebook page with him in uniform have been distributed on social media. In it, Martin identified himself as living in Salem and “just a young buck serving his country.” He could not be reached for comment.
Martin has First Amendment rights like any U.S. citizen and can take part in social media, Bomar said, but he violated the social media policies of the national guard, the Army and the Department of Defense with his comment.

Maj. Bomar said of that Martin’s comment was a “horrible thing” and that it’s “unacceptable, horrific and doesn’t reflect the values of our organization as a whole.”
Bomar said that Martin’s actions will likely be included in their social media conduct training this year.

“You can’t endorse any sort of political action while in uniform. You always have to think before you post. Sometimes you can get caught up in the moment, but it’s not an excuse,” Bomar said.

This is the second in the past week that an Oregon government employee has come under fire for their racist vitriol.
Oregon Department of Transportation employee Lori McAllen was placed on leave after suggesting immigrant children should be “shot” at the border.

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