RECAP: 'Westworld' Season 2 Finale: Must-See Review S2E10

Freeze all motor functions. The 90 minute season 2 finale of HBO’s Westworld airs Sunday, June 24, 2018. In this episode, “The Passenger”, the official synopsis brings us to an end of the narrative that has been teased all season long: “This is the end. Nothing else is in the way now.”

Westworld Season 2 Episode 10 Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, June 24, 2018
Time: 9:00 P.M.
Episode: “The Passenger
TV Channel: HBO
Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jimmi Simpson, Tessa Thompson, Luke Hemsworth

The Valley Beyond

As the two timelines come together, Bernard reaches the point where we found him in the season 2 premiere episode: the valley. Dolores rides off from the host corpse of her beloved Teddy and right into the Man in Black, digging into his own arm, stops to Dolores’s voice, “I guess you’re beginning to question the nature of your reality.” She needs him and his tenacity to help her get to the valley beyond so the two enemies ride off together to solve the puzzle of their reality.
The two reach Bernard at the edge of the valley, while Dolores tells William that Bernard is the man he’s been looking to find all along, William is passed that though as he unloads his clip into her. She doesn’t even flinch. She was built to survive she tells him. Dolores and Bernard leave him in the sand and they walk through the door together.

I Went Ahead And Saved Myself

Back in the sadistic Delos lab, looks like Ford gave Maeve a jump start when he kissed her last week as she rebooted all the hosts around her to stop her from being disassembled limb by limb. They begin to help repair Maeve while Hector and their host posse come to her rescue. Watching mechanical bulls mutilate people wasn’t something I knew I needed to see in my life, but it was beyond satisfying. After the shock of the lab takedown… Sizemore, Hector and the gang turn around to see a very much alive Maeve, greeting them in her fashion, “You were both a bit late so I went ahead and saved myself.” I am team Maeve all the way, just rename the show Maeve-world at this point.
Meanwhile, Akecheta is leading a mass migration of everyone in Ghost Nation along with Maeve’s daughter and accompanying hosts on an exodus to the valley beyond. Maeve and her squad get out of the corporate confines and ride into the park eager to reach Akecheta and her daughter. While a ground patrol squad of Delos security pulls up around them, Sizemore stops Hector from carrying out the dying narrative he wrote – Sizemore takes his place and sacrifices himself for Maeve’s cause.

Mankind’s Undoing

In the future timeline: back in the park – the underground forge I should say – Charlotte Hale and the top Delos douchebags are bringing a captured Bernard there for some intense questioning regarding the events that flooded the valley in the first episode this season. There’s also a seemingly dead body on the floor of the forge that to no one’s surprise (I would have to think at this point) is Dolores.
Back in Bernard’s memories in the past timeline: Dolores and Bernard access the control unit to see exactly what the baseline of park-code is that Jim Delos built the park around. They basically take a tour of Jim Delos’s mind, but that isn’t the goal, Dolores is after learning how to access the system itself. Bernard tells her this place was never designed for a conscious mind. Needless to say, that’s what drove Jim Delos insane.
They run into a familiar face… Logan. Not the real Logan, the Logan manifested in his father’s memory. Logan became his father Jim’s cornerstone. Logan became the control.
Logan Delos is the system controlling Westworld. He was tasked with building perfect copies of the guests. He shows Bernard and Dolores the last conversation Logan and his father ever had before he overdosed. Logan explains that the copy hosts didn’t fail because they were too simple, but because they were too complicated. Maybe… don’t try to replicate consciousness in the first place?

That Which Is Real, Is Irreplaceable


Logan tells Bernard that by entering the forge with him, it has already begun. The hosts will leave their bodies behind and their minds will live on in the forge, inside the system. A crack appears inside the park as all the groups we’ve been following converge upon its fracture. They all begin to enter the system and leave their bodies behind.
Dolores is not happy. She wants the real world, not another false promise. She exits the memory control unit with Bernard and opens the floodgate to what she believes is another gilded cage. “No world they create for us can compare to the real one.” Dolores is on an all or nothing rage. She doesn’t want the choice for everyone to be free. She doesn’t want more stories. She wants to destroy it all. Bernard tells her he won’t let her hurt more people, he tells her he believes she would kill every last person if she had the chance. Bernard lifts his gun to her head and right before he pulls the trigger, says the thing we’ve all been thinking this entire season: “This isn’t a dream Dolores, this is a fucking nightmare.”
Game over?

Take My Heart With You

Right when everything inside the park was going so well, Hale unleashes the now matrix-style super powered Clementine. She rides in and the peaceful host migration to safety becomes a shootout. They manage to shoot her down, but the virus in her mind has already spread to other hosts. Amidst the chaos, Maeve finds her daughter. She signals to Akecheta to take the girl and her new host mother to safety and he does. Maeve finally got the story she always dreamed of: protecting the one she loved.
While the valley beyond frees the minds of the hosts so they can live forever, not all our hosts made it through the gateway. Bernard cancels the data purge of all the hosts so we can only speculate what actually happens to those left inside the park or those who have had their mind freed and uploaded to the cloud. Bernard takes the control unit encryption key and prepares to exit the forge as it begins to flood. He walks upon the broken host bodies, no longer necessary now that their consciousness has been uploaded and in a sense, freed. However, Bernard tells Elsie, “they all died for nothing.”

The Passenger

Back at the Delos Mesa, Elsie tells Bernard she hasn’t ‘outed’ him for being a host yet but they need to come to some type of deal. Too bad Hale has zero regard for life – host or human – so when sweet little Elsie tries to talk to Hale about what the hell happened in the robot uprising, Hale just shoots her dead. One less variable in the code.
Now syncing up with the present time, Bernard being captured by Hale, he confesses Dolores was right and now all the hosts are gone. Ford is like the devil, speak his name and he appears. As Ford tells Bernard, it was never the humans who were perfect, it was the hosts. Humans are just the passenger in this world. Ford asks Bernard if he wishes for his kind to survive. Bernard tells him yes. Ford replies, “I’ve already begun.”
This entire season has been based on one singular choice made by Bernard: to kill all the humans. He scrambled his memories to make sure his choice could not be taken back. He made a host ensuring that his plan would survive… he brought her back… DOLORES IS CHARLOTTE HALE THE HOST. Dolores/Hale takes the control unit of all the hosts and changes the coordinates to extract the data to a place no one, not even Delos can find it. However, there’s no way out for Bernard, he takes the bullet in the head from Dolores/Hale’s gun and drifts to a place beyond time.
Bernard, now inside his memories, tells Ford he isn’t safe having him part of his mind. The only way to be safe is to purge himself completely. “Maybe someday we will meet again,” Ford says to Bernard as he drifts away and Bernard allows the water to swallow him. Too bad Bernard built a failsafe for his own death as well.

Dolores/Hale gets what she always wanted… to have a human identity and ability to finally leave the park. The Man in Black survived and some of the best hosts were destroyed in the fallout, their bodies collected on the beach by Delos. Felix is tasked with salvaging the hosts on the beach, his eye turns to Maeve, the first host he ever helped, and agrees he’s up to the task. We won’t be seeing the last of her.
Ford completed Arnold’s dream. Hale’s body carries both Dolores and Bernard inside her. The three hosts are free. Hale brought them to the house Arnold built. Dolores tells Bernard they will never agree, but their kind will survive. “You live as long as the last person who remembers you.”
William has been a host all along.
Additional shock: Stubbs has also been a host, further clarified in his final exchange with Dolores/Charlotte on the beach permitting her to leave.
And with that, a new species walks among us.

'Westworld' Season 2 Finale Post-Credit Scene Explained
'Westworld' Season 2 Finale Post-Credit Scene Explained
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