To Get You Ready For The Finale, Here's A Breakdown Of "Westworld's" Timelines

I’ve been recapping Westworld all season and as you could guess, it’s not the easiest show in the world to follow. Sometimes I get lost staring at the screen wondering if I, too, am in a dream and this is the wrong world… sometimes, it doesn’t look like anything to me. But one thing is for certain, the season 2 season finale is going to be insane.
The fandom has managed to keep their tinfoil hats on long enough to piece together the most bizarre timeline of the two seasons and how each episode fits together. It’s honestly mind-blowing. Personally, I’m a big fan of starting our stories at the BEGINNING because flashbacks are a sloppy fix on a plot hole that slipped through the storyboard cracks. It’s lazy writing at it’s finest. So… why does Westworld not only dip into the flashback pot but also chooses to tell this narrative out of order? I can only assume it further alludes to the notion of ‘control’ that is a key thread throughout the series: also something the viewer has none of, we’re just along for the ride. (Ironically the season 2 finale title is called “The Passenger”.)
You might need a stress ball on hand or a pillow to scream into before you go through all 10 slides of this post and realize everything you (and I) think is most likely wrong – or at least in the wrong order.

Once you take a look at all TEN images that complete the timeline, it almost appears they’ve been dishing out episodes in reverse. So many key elements from season 1 are actually in the present day timeline. Even the opening episode of season 2, that first shot of Bernard beside a drained lake of dead hosts and a tiger, is set in a future timeline. I imagine the season 2 finale will oddly pick up after the events of season 2 episode 1… with the bulk of this entire season taken place in the 11 days after Ford’s death. Who knew an empire could crumble in a mere 11 days!?
Since there is no official timeline of events from HBO, this is the best we’ve got until more answers come to light.
If you’re like me… you hate giving up on shows. The time investment alone keeps me from bailing. However, when a show that only has 19 episodes to date is able to burn holes in my brain, I expect the season 2 finale to do some major damage control. I might be more host than human by the time season 3 rolls around if I keep analyzing the maze.

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