Does Ronda Rousey Deserve Another Shot At The Women's Championship?

The former UFC star and now WWE star, Ronda Rousey, competed in her first singles match since arriving on the scene in the WWE. With her first match came along opportunity as she was challenged by Nia Jax, Raw’s Women’s Champion, to a title match at the Money In The Bank pay per view event in Illinois. The fight was built-up with a lot of hype as the two women exchanged trash talk the past few weeks on Monday Night Raw. Would the bigger and more powerful Jax be able to crush and dominate Rousey like she has with the rest of the women’s division? Or would Rousey be able to overcome the odds stacked against her in her first singles and championship match in the WWE?

How The Fight Went Down

The result of the match is not what many fans if any fans thought was going to occur. Neither of the two women who competed in the title match walked away as champion. After being dominated for most of the match by Jax, Rousey was starting to build momentum and was hitting Jax with a flurry of punches to the stomach. Rousey then was able to lift Jax and toss her to the mat. Rousey quickly went for her famous armbar submission, which has been used before to make many women in the UFC tap out. As Rousey was about to get the armbar locked in a plot twist occurs.
Alexa Bliss, who was the winner of the women’s money in the bank ladder match earlier in the night. comes out of nowhere and hits Rousey with the briefcase causing a disqualification, which ended the match. Bliss then continues to use the briefcase as a weapon laying out Nia Jax before continuing the assault on Rousey. She hits Rousey a few more times with the briefcase outside of the ring and then tosses her over the announce table to make sure she does not interfere when cashing in the briefcase. Bliss then returns to the ring to cash her briefcase in and she hits Jax with a DDT. She then goes to the top ropes for her signature move, Twisted Bliss, and pins Jax easily to win the Raw Women’s Championship.

Does Rousey Deserve Another Title Shot?

After being dominated for the first part of the match, Rousey showed the world that she is able to compete with some of the best women that the WWE has to offer. She looked like she was on the verge of victory over Jax until Bliss came in and caused the disqualification. Her armbar is a lethal submission move that would make any woman in the Women’s division tap out. So does Rousey deserve another shot at the title after having the title taken out of her fingertips by Bliss?
I believe that Rousey deserves another crack at the title after an impressive performance against Jax. Rousey was able to take Jax to the limit and if not for Bliss, Rousey would probably be the Women’s Champion. I would not be surprised to see all three of these women compete in a triple threat match to see who will be champion. Don’t be surprised if they schedule this event for another paper view event, possibly Extreme Rules in July or at Summer Slam in August. Until then, we may have to wait and see when Rousey will fight again since this was only her second match since joining the WWE and they have both come at paper view events.

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