Jacob deGrom Is A Winner Playing On A Team Of Losers





Jacob deGrom has been the National League’s best pitcher this year not named Max Scherzer. He’s currently 4-2 with a 1.55 ERA and 113 strikeouts over 87.1 innings. The Mets right-hander has missed some time this season due to an elbow injury, but he has been excellent during his time on the mound. There are two questions with deGrom: one is, why isn’t he winning games? And two, is he going to get traded before the trade deadline?

Why Isn’t He Winning?


Since May 2nd, the Mets have won only one of his starts. In those starts, deGrom only gave up more than one earned run in one start. And in that one start, he gave up two earned runs. But he still can’t win his starts. Why? Because he’s a Met, and this is what happens. He has gotten virtually zero run support from his teammates. deGrom has made seven starts since May 2nd, and over those seven starts, he has gotten 10 total runs of support from his teammates.
Just to put that into perspective, Red Sox ace Chris Sale is also having trouble getting run support from his teammates. Sale has gotten 22 runs of support over his last seven starts. Offenses tend to look a little lazier sometimes with their ace on the mound because the players know two or three runs should get the job done. But 10 runs over seven starts is abysmal, and no pitcher should have to go through that.

Should the Mets Trade Him?

The back pages of New York newspapers have been going crazy about the idea of potentially deGrom and maybe even Noah Syndergaard being traded to the Yankees. From a business standpoint, the Yankees have the pieces to make the move, and could definitely use another quality starter. The Mets would turn from a bad team into potentially a tire fire like the Marlins, but that might not be the best option for them, no matter how good the prospects are that they can get in return.
Also, the Yankees recently announced that they would not be interested in trading either of their high performing rookies, Miguel Andujar or Gleybar Torres for deGrom. This would definitely make the deal more appealing for the Mets, who could use a young star or two with a lot of team control. The Mets also have the money to make a splash in free agency, so why haven’t they done it yet? deGrom needs support, or the Mets are eventually just going to end up letting him walk. They can’t let that happen, they need to figure out a way to support deGrom and not waste this magical run he’s on.

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