MLB 2018: AL East & NL East Potential Trade Deadline Moves

The MLB Trade Deadline is always an exciting time for those teams who are ready to make that championship push and claw their way to the promise land. However, it can also be a heartbreaking time for fans of those teams that are struggling mightily. Those fans will have to suffer through seeing some of their favorite players leave as part of a massive rebuilding project while also getting ready to groom their farm systems. There is no doubt that there is plenty of talent in the AL East and NL East. The Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Braves, and Nationals are all neck and neck with each other and it may turn into who can flex their money muscles enough to overpower the others. Let’s take a look at the teams that are buying and selling for the July 31st deadline.

AL East

New York Yankees

Trade Deadline Status: Buyers
Ah yes, The Evil Empire is back and it is here to stay. Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gleyber Torres, Gary Sanchez, Miguel Andujar, and Luis Severino to name a few. The Yankees have no shortage of firepower on offense but it’s the pitching staff that needs some help. Jordan Montgomery was just lost for the season and potentially all of 2019 with Tommy John Surgery and the Yankees are in need of an all-around pitching boost. The Yankee starters have had their ups and downs but they can potentially make a big splash at the deadline.
Look for Brian Cashman to go after Cole Hamels, J.A. Happ, Chris Archer, Francisco Liriano and or Michael Fulmer. Yankee fans have also been salivating after potentially hearing Madison Bumgarner’s name brought up in trade talks. However, that move seems a bit far fetched.

Boston Red Sox

Trade Deadline Status: Potential buyers
Let’s face it. The Yankees and the Red Sox are in an arms race for first place in the AL East and everyone else in the division is not very good. The Red Sox adding J.D. Martinez was a major boost for a team that was probably one more offensive piece away from being a serious contender.
For all we know, the Red Sox could potentially remain neutral and keep their full team in-tact. However, a move can be made if Drew Pomeranz continues to struggle. Manager Alex Cora could potentially give Pomeranz’s spot to Steven Wright. If Wright struggles, then Boston could very well go after any pitcher that is on the market. Who that pitcher is may remain a mystery for now, but the Sox are ready to buy if necessary. Keep an eye on Jed Lowrie as well, the Red Sox could also look for a utility man to add a little zest to their team.


Toronto Blue Jays

Trade Deadline Status: Sellers
The Blue Jays are on the cusp of a rebuilding phase as Josh Donaldson is projected to hit free agency. J.A. Happ is being targeted by a number of teams alongside some rumblings that Marcus Stroman may be on his way out of the Six as well. Donaldson is the most likely to leave as teams like the Cardinals, Braves, and Indians have taken note of his abilities.
Curtis Granderson may also be on his way out of Toronto as well alongside relievers Tyler Clippard, John Axford, and Seunghwan Oh. The Jays have some players that they could realistically trade and gain some decent prospects in return.

Tampa Bay Rays

Trade Deadline Status: Sellers
Let’s keep this simple. The rebuilding phase started when the Rays shipped Evan Longoria to San Francisco and Chris Archer is the next big name that will be leaving Tampa once July 31st rolls around. Archer’s name has sprung up on a number of watch lists for teams around the MLB and he could even potentially stay in the division as the Yankees and Red Sox are in need of a starting pitcher. The Brewers have also been interested in the right-hander and could potentially head out to the upper Midwest in the summer.

Baltimore Orioles

Trade Deadline Status: Sell like there’s no tomorrow
News flash! The Orioles are atrocious. Simple as that. It’s almost a guarantee that Manny Machado will be traded and Adam Jones may be the next piece to go as well. Machado’s name has appeared on lists for the Phillies, Cardinals, Dodgers, and Diamondbacks. Jones has also been linked in a massive trade that would send him to Seattle for a number of Mariners prospects.
Zach Britton has also become a hot commodity on the trading block and of course, the Astros are ready to try and add another piece to their already stacked pitching staff. The tank is on in Baltimore ladies and gentlemen!


NL East

Washington Nationals

Trade Deadline Status: Potential buyers
It’s unclear as to what Washington would trade for but they probably would be buyers at the deadline. The Nationals could possibly sit back and relax as teams scramble to find their missing pieces but it wouldn’t hurt to add an arm or two to the bullpen for extra padding just in case one bullpen member decided to lay an egg and or get hurt at some point in the later part of the season.

Atlanta Braves

Trade Deadline Status: Buyers
The Braves are absolutely loaded with young talent and the duo of Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuña Jr have made this team a lot of fun to watch. Nick Markakis is also having himself an extremely solid year in right field. The Braves could use some sort of infield help as they are linked to both Manny Machado and Josh Donaldson, if Atlanta can land one of the two, the NL East better look out because the Braves are on the rise and they’re going to make some noise.

Philadelphia Phillies

Trade Deadline Status: Buyers
Well, the Phillies aren’t completely terrible anymore! Phillies fans have had to deal with large amounts of suffering ever since the 2009 World Series loss to the greatest baseball franchise in the world. Manny Machado’s name has come up on Philadelphia’s watch list alongside a number of pitchers.
If the Phillies do not land Manny Machado, look for them to heavily pursue Cole Hamels and J.A. Happ. Avisail Garcia has also been linked to the Phillies in order to add a bit more depth and an experienced bat to the outfield. This team has the potential to do some serious damage down the road with the talent it has alongside a top 5 farm system. The Phillies will be making headlines again very soon. Only time will tell.

New York Mets

Trade Deadline Status: Buying or selling. Who knows.
The Mets are just one big question mark. They have some pieces that they could sell and they could also buy if they wanted to. Jose Abreu from the White Sox is a target that the Mets are definitely interested in. The original plan was to most likely trade Matt Harvey at the trade deadline but he got the ax just a few weeks ago and is now sitting in the cellar of the NL Central with the Reds. The Mets could also have the ability to move A.J. Ramos, Jeurys Familia, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Jay Bruce. However, if they really wanted to make a splash, they will need to be willing to take on some money if that becomes the case.


Miami Marlins

Trade Deadline Status: Probably sellers
Derek Jeter traded every single valuable piece he could think of and now who knows what the Marlins front office could do at this deadline. After the Marlins sent Christian Yelich to the Brewers in exchange for four of the better prospects in the Milwaukee farm system, Jeter became the most hated person in Miami The Marlins do have Starlin Castro and J.T. Realmuto. There is a good chance that both could potentially be traded but Castro may be the more realistic one to go. It’s very clear that Castro wants out and the Marlins want him out as well. There are plenty of teams that would be willing to take a bite on the bait and try to reel in the two of the best Marlins players available.

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