National Monkey Around Day 2018 Memes: Funny Photos & Images

June 14 is National Monkey Around Day! Yes, it’s another excuse to goof around, let loose, have a good time with your friends, family, and whoever else you consider important in your life. The world is a cruel and nasty place. Therefore, it’s only right to take things easy, crack some jokes, and take your mind off of the everyday grind and stress of life. Monkeys know how to lighten the mood of any setting and are great sources of comedic relief at any time. Be that monkey in someone’s life. We can make a difference in someone’s day by cheering them up, bringing some food, or even just bouncing around like a maniac.
Monkeys are also extremely patient and are not afraid to see things out until the end. As humans, we should learn from these majestic creatures. We need patience in our lives and we also need to stick with things until the very end. There’s no need to quit early on anything. Monkeys don’t quit if they’re having trouble scaling a tree, having difficulty peeling a banana, or feeling down because they’re having a rough day with those around them.
Never give up on anything. That’s the message for today. Even when things may look bleak, don’t stop doing what you’re doing. Be like a monkey. Relax, take it slow, ease your mind, and let the good things in life come your way. Since it is a day dedicated to monkeys, feel free to have a banana, bake some banana bread, become one with nature, make those around you laugh, and feel free to eat some Bananas Foster ice cream. Personally, I suggest the Bananas Foster ice cream. How could you not love banana flavored ice cream with a chocolate swirl and some crushed up nuts in it? I mean, come on!

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