The Best Father's Day Gifts Under $25

It’s a classic story: you completely forget that a national holiday specifically honoring your dad is coming up until you see an online article about how to buy cheap gifts at the last minute. Lucky for you, this is that article. Father’s Day 2018 is Sunday, June 17, so hopefully, you’re reading this in time to run out and grab something because your dad deserves a little recognition for the work he puts into maintaining his part of the family unit. Now granted, fathers come in all shapes, sizes and taste so not every item on this list will be for every dad, but there’s a solid chance that you know your dad well enough to discern what he’d like and what he wouldn’t. If you don’t, well then that’s just a sorry state of affairs now isn’t it?


What kind of beer? just about every kind. Craft beer, retail beer, you could even take your dad to a bar just to get a glass of tap beer. Whatever type or brand of beer your dad prefers, most will cost you less than an Andrew Jackson. And if your dad is more of a wine or whiskey man, there are cheap versions of those that are available to you. Now alcohol can be a fairly generic gift, so this is really only for last resort readers, but if your dad has a particular love of a specific beer, then getting him a six-pack might be a good way to say that you notice his drinking habits.

LED Headlamp Flashlight

Some guys refuse to let the fact that they have tiny humans to take care of and raise stop them from living the active, nature-loving life they love. And if that’s the case, then why should something as silly as nighttime stop them? This cheap but powerful headlamp will light the path for them in the dark, letting them extend their hikes, camping trips or any other outdoor activity one might be insane enough to try, all without inconveniencing them by having to hold a flashlight in their hands.

Desktop Edition Games

Do you have any idea how boring a desk job is? It can get to the point where even something as novel as a small pool table becomes a beacon of entertainment among the crushing mundanity. With tiny billiards, a miniaturized bowling lane and even a mouse-sized put-put course, you can make your dad the envy of the cubicle warriors just by giving him something to kill the time with. And if your dad is really in deep, you’ll see a grown man cry at the idea of not staring at a wall all day.

Beard Oil

Any man sporting facial hair knows that the power of a beard is limited to how well you can maintain it. It’s hard to look handsome if it looks like a mangy dog curled across the lower half of your face and died there. Fortunately, there are all sorts of brands of beard oil and beard balm that can help give beards a volume and sheen that makes them easier to manage and just look better. It’s the perfect gift for a dad who cares just a little too much about how masculine he looks.

Bear Claw Meat Shredders

You ever wonder how bears are able to cut their food up so efficiently? As Leo DiCaprio will tell you, it’s all in the claws. These plastic utensils, sold in most kitchenware and hardware stores, are perfect for cutting up grilled meat to make pulled pork, shredded chicken or any number of other meals. Their sharp claws are even useful for salad tossing should the need arise. If your dad loves his grill more than he loves certain members of your family, then this is probably right up his alley.

Anti-Odor Socks

This might be more of a gift for your family depending on the circumstances, but smelly feet can affect the best of us and nobody deserves to be judged for the occasional bout of swamp foot. The socks themselves are reinforced with footpads, anti-blister tabs and even arch support. The website brags that they can be worn for a week without washing and if that reflects your dad’s laundry habits, then this isn’t so much a gift as an obligation.


The only substance people consume with the same religious zealotry as alcohol is coffee. Caffeine is one of the most addicting substances on the planet and can lead to some pretty significant health problems, but don’t think about that because daddy needs his wake-up juice. Most brands of ground coffee are less than $20 but some of the more artisanal lines are a bit more expensive. Worst case scenario, you can just get him a Starbucks gift card.

Message Golf Balls

Dad’s like golf, right? That’s a thing? Sure. But golf balls can be so boring, just white spheres with a ton of little dimples on them to improve aerodynamics. Wouldn’t your dad like a golf ball that had a message on it so he could get a little chuckle every time he bends over to pick it up? A set of six of these babies are available for just $20, but you’ll have to get to them fast as they can only be ordered online.

Artisinal Soap

Soap is a surprisingly good gift to give, especially to dads. Though it’s not always noticeable, someone’s smell does a lot to inform what we think of them, so giving your dad a chance to experiment with a new scent can literally make him feel like a new man. It’s also good for when you maybe what to drop a hint about your dad’s hygiene practices. Or lack thereof. Most brands are relatively cheap and easy to find in retail.

Death Star Ice Ball Maker

As the saying goes, there’s a little nerd in all of us and if your dad is of a certain age, there’s a good chance he was in the theater the first time he saw the Death Star explode. And now, years later, he might just harbor a secret desire to crush the evil space station between his teeth, just to prove the lasting superiority of the rebel alliance. After it’s done cooling his drink, of course.

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