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9 Father’s Day Gifts Almost as Embarrassing as Your Dad


Tired of getting your dad the same old tie and socks every June? So are we–but here are some gifts that are sure to embarrass the man that has been saying inappropriate things in front of your friends for most of your life. And remember all of those years where he was running out and getting the newspaper in his underwear? The man has no shame. That’s why there’s no shame in these fine products…

Trick Golf Balls Set

Is your dad dragging you to play 9 at 7 am this father’s day? Well, these golf balls can definitely spice up your round. Some of these balls are designed to bounce around, and others are designed to explode on impact. Non-fatally, we’d think. ($8.95 for a pack of 3)


Bacon Tie

White collar, blue collar…whatever color collar your dad is wearing this father’s day can easily be complimented with a bacon tie! ($19.99)

The Potty Putter

This is for those dads that can’t get off the course…or the toilet. ($17.50)


Inflatable Toupee

When Rogaine, transplants, and voodoo don’t work, try this! But just remember–one day, your son might be buying you an inflatable toupee, too. ($3.95)

Extra Large XL Glass of Wine

Does your father enjoy a nice glass of wine or two with dinner? Then he’ll really appreciate this one. Just make sure he doesn’t drink too many of these, we don’t want him to get too wild and dance on the table while waving around his inflatable toupee. ($9.99)



The Man Sack

Does your dad still rock the fanny-pack to the beach and on vacation? Tell him to sack up! Now when you go on vacation, he won’t have to worry about anyone grabbing at his stuff. ($9.99)

ObamaCare Mints

Give your dad this gift, and then get ready for an hour-long rant filled with analogies comparing these mints to our health care system. ($4.99)

Optimist/Pessimist Glasses

They should sell these and the Obamacare mints as a combo deal. Regardless of whether your dad constantly tells you how big of a failure you are or how you’ll make it big some day, this is a great/terrible gift. ($25.00 for a set of 2)

www.stupid.comGolf Ball Life Vest

For the father’s who have a hard time staying out of the hazards. This gift will help his golf game stay afloat. Get it? ($6.59)

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