Serrano Intermediate School Lockdown: Full Story & Must-See Details

Serrano Intermediate School, a school located in Lake Forest, California, has announced that the building has been put on lockdown. According to a social media post issued by the school, the lockdown is connected to an incident in the Lake Forest area. According to early reports, describing the situation as a shelter-in-place lockdown, the school has also asked people not to try to contact the school during the initial announcement of the lockdown.

What happened?

The school issued the following statement on its official Twitter account:

“As a safety percussion, Serrano Intermediate is on a shelter in place lockdown. There is an incident in Lake Forest and I want to make sure that all your children are safe. Please, do not call the school. More information forthcoming.”

UPDATE: In an update, the school issued the following statement on Twitter; explaining the situation more in-depth, it was confirmed that the incident in Lake Forest involved police activity in the area:

“Orange County Sheriff has lifted the Shelter in Place / lockdown for Serrano. There was a police activity in the area and as a safety measure, the school was put on a lockdown/shelter in place.”

There was a shooting incident in Lake Forest, but it unconfirmed if it was related to the lockdown

The Orange County Sherriff’s official Twitter account said that there had been a recent shooting incident in Lake Forest, although it was unclear if it had been connected to the school’s lockdown:

“#OCSDPIO Search for suspect in Lake Forest shooting. Suspect is male, white, 40s, thin, approx 5’8”, white or black shirt, red hat. Deputies searching the area, several schools on lockdown. Victim was shot in the arm during altercation, transported to hospital. NFD at this time [sic]”

As this story is developing, more information will be updated as made available.

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