Drake Bell Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Drake Bell Worth?

Arguably the second most recognizable Drake, Drake Bell is an American musician and actor most well known for his starring role in the sitcom, “Drake and Josh”. Since then Bell has gone on to create quite a successful music career for himself, using the initial recognition he got from “Drake and Josh” to market himself and even rack up a few minor hits.
Despite his success in acting and music, there were reports in the past about the Nickelodeon star falling into significant debt, resulting in him filing for bankruptcy in 2014. It would seem that Bell has come back from the brink since then though, and according to current reports in now doing quite well for himself.

Drake Bell Net Worth As Of 2019: $3 Million

Drake Bell, 31, as of 2018 has an estimated net worth of $3 million. While he no longer is getting steady work as an actor, Bell has continued to release music as well as maintain a rigorous touring schedule which explains how he was able to recover from his previous financial troubles.

Early Life

Jared Drake Bell was born on June 27, 1986, In Newport Beach California to parents Robin Dodson, a professional Billards player, and Joe Bell. He is the youngest of four children.
Bell was interested in acting from a young age, and by just five years old had already landed a few minor roles in commercials. He continued to get more prominent roles with appearances in sitcoms like Home Improvement and Seinfeld, and by the time he was 13 years old, he was a featured performer on the variety show The Amanda Show.
His musical talents were being developed during this time as well, with him even reflecting that his first ever guitar lesson was with The Who’s Roger Daltrey while working on the 2001 film Chasing Destiny together.


In 2003 Bell was cast in the sitcom Drake and Josh with fellow Amanda Show co-star Josh Peck. The show ran from 2004-2007 and totaled 56 episodes over the course of four seasons. The show also presented an opportunity for Bells musical talents to be showcased, with an original song of his, “Found a Way”, being featured as the shows theme song.
During this time he continued to develop his musical career and signed on with Universal Mowtown in 2006 while releasing his second album, It’s Only Time that year as well.
Bell continued his steady string of successes starring in films such as Superhero Movie in 2008, as well as multiple Drake and Josh movies that aired alongside the show.



Bell continued to find work after the conclusion of Drake and Josh, getting cast in roles such as Spider-Man in the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man in 2013, and releasing his third album, Ready Steady Go! in 2014.
This, unfortunately, was also when Bell fell onto some hard times and in February 2014 he was forced into bankruptcy due to being $600 thousand dollars in debt. The home he owned at the time was reported to be worth $1.575 million, but this didn’t mean much when the $1.6 million he still owed on the mortgage was taken into consideration. At that time he also listed his monthly income as just $2800, while his monthly expenses were a whopping $18,771.
Despite these financial hardships, it would seem Bell has learned from the mistakes of his past and has been able to accumulate a significant fortune once again. By continuing to tour as well as landing a few acting roles in recent years such as the leading role in the film Bad kids of Crestview Academy, Bell has gotten himself out of debt and seems to be on his feet once again!
Even as we speak Bell is currently on a 2018 American tour, so be sure to grab some tickets to hopefully prevent him from falling into debt once again!





On Thursday 14 February 2019, Drake Bell’s concert begins in ROCHAUS, West Dundee, IL, US.

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