Top 10 Driving Stereotypes To Avoid When On The Road

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a peaceful drive not having to worry about anything or anyone on the road? Or maybe go out with your friends without being terrified your life is in the hands of your friend who barely got an eighty on their driver’s test. Let’s be clear about one thing, safe driving is a must for every driver. Those who are poor at driving, please lock your car keys in a safe and go take the bus. You are doing all of us a favor by staying off the road while also making sure you stay out of jail and out of a casket. With all of the bad drivers out there in the world, here are the top 10 driving stereotypes. Please remember to be safe on the road.

Full Of Rage

The biggest and most popular stereotype out there on the road. The driver is full of anger and rage. The slightest thing can make them snap. Someone could cut them off or could be driving under the speed limit. You never know, a little girl riding her bike near his car could tick them off. Whatever it is, it doesn’t take much to turn them into the hulk. These rage monsters do come with some warnings though. When you are in a car, you are safe because they aren’t in their right mind to ram you with their car. However, if you are outside your vehicle and they are too, let’s hope you were a track star because they will go for blood.

The Racer

Vroom vroom, it’s time to go racing. The racer is usually found at the front of the stop light. They are found with their windows down, left arm hanging on the side of the window, and cocking their heads up almost like they can’t see over the wheel. They will cockily look at you and rev their engine. You will look at them and see the obnoxious car that makes them look like they bought it to cover up a small something of theirs. Always say no! Never add to their egos, they already have a little you know what, it’s best to not add to that head of theirs.

Look Mom No Hands

This is common when friends are in the car. You are casually in the front seat when you look over and see your friend texting. First off, don’t text and drive. Please be safe on the road. For people who don’t know or don’t care to follow the rules, they will just replace their hands with their knee. Their knee steers while they make a quick text or take a quick snap of themselves. If you see your friend do this, don’t offer to drive for them, grab the death device and tell them to focus. The snap to the ex-boyfriend can wait till you park at your destination.


Too Many Stickers

We all know that one car in our neighborhood who thinks they’re sponsored by every sticker company in the world. These drivers are the hoarders of stickers. Each sticker means something to them, could be a reminder of a past family member or maybe a burrito they ate. Doesn’t matter how sentimental the sticker is they will put anything on their car. The stickers draw attention to the vehicle and the driver. And that’s their goal, the more stickers, the more they get noticed. It’s like a high school girl getting the boys to notice her. But in this case, it’s actually making yourself look like a fool.

Backseat Driver

Also known as the control freak. It’s the person who doesn’t want to drive but wants to tell the driver how to drive. Any move is the wrong move. They are also horrible at directions. One minute they are yelling at you for not going fast enough and then they are saying to turn right when there is no right turn. It’s basically a yelling fest in a car. The simple solution is to tape their mouth shut or just kick them out of the car and tell them to walk to their destination.


The Grandma

Pretty self-explanatory for who this driver is behind the wheel. To make it clear for people who don’t know who this driver is, imagine your grandparent walking. Are they walking slow? Well, they should be, or your grandparent is some type of mutant. The key word here is, slow. A slow driver can come at the worst time. Usually when you are late for work, late for a date, late for school, basically any time of the day when you are late. It’s like the left lane is their best friend, and the right lane is their worst nightmare.

The Hoarder

Much like the sticker hoarder, but the mess is in their car. This person has everything, empty plastic bottles, old newspapers, even a half-eaten hamburger. It’s like a trash land inside a vehicle. But, with every hoarder comes with a sentimental reason for why they are keeping each individual piece of trash. The dead flowers are to remember their old homecoming proposal and the used tissues are in memory of the snot that will forever stay with them even if they are not inside their noses. These drivers won’t see they have a problem and act like there is plenty of room to stuff more garbage inside or fit a person to drive them. If you feel tears coming out of your eyes it’s not from feeling bad for them it’s the smelly fumes from the car.


The Rock Stars
Now, this has to everyone on the road when their favorite song is playing on the radio, or for everyone who has Bluetooth, when they choose their favorite song. The volume gets turned up, fake microphones are placed into their hands, and their voices get worse the louder they get. They don’t care who is watching or who is listening, it’s their private car area to do whatever they want. You can probably hear them 5 blocks away, it’s the car that is vibrating from the music coming from inside.


The famous, I don’t know where I’m going, driver. This person will always say they know exactly where they are going and will never ask for help. After three wrong turns, they eventually recalculate in their heads and get back on the right path, until again their GPS skills go down the toilet. If you have one of these friends and you ask them to meet you somewhere, you are going to be waiting a long time until they arrive. To avoid this situation you should consider using vehicle GPS like these from

Should Take Their Drivers Test Again

The name is obvious to who this driver is and should never be on the road. It’s the person who backs up into everything, doesn’t stop at a stop sign, pretends that they didn’t run that red light, and continually mistakes the windshield wipers for the turn signal. If this is you, please, go retake your driver’s test. Maybe someone there will tell you how awful you are at driving. You know what’s safer? Walking!


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