7 Rules to a Successful Road Trip

Do you get that itch to just pick up and leave every so often? Have a strong desire to take to the winds and go somewhere, anywhere? Then chances are that either you’re a wanted felon that recently popped up on America’s Most Wanted or a college student. With college costs on the rise and airlines charging an arm and a leg for cramped, uncomfortable flights, satisfying that urge can be kind of difficult. Fear not restless traveler! When the urge to travel takes over and airport security will not let you through, it is time to partake in a time-honored tradition for weary college students everywhere ROAD TRIP! As tempting as it can be to just take off and go, you have to prepare at least a little bit. Otherwise your glorious road trip may come to a sudden and mind-numbingly dull end before you even break a single law. That is where the research team at COED comes to the rescue!
The following are the 7 must follow rules to a successful road trip. Follow these and you can rest assured your trip will not suck. How much it rocks is up to you…

Rule #1, the Leg Room Rule– Nothing sucks more than being stuck in a small, cramped car for any period of time. If you don’t have any immediate friends with roomy cars, make friends with the geek that drives a station wagon. Chances are he’ll be so happy to be included in something cool that he’ll volunteer to do the driving and even pay for a lot of the gas.

Rule #2, the Where the Heck are We Rule– Don’t sweat mapping things out; it takes away from the potential adventure inherent with the concept of the road trip. However, bring along someone who has either an iPhone or some other kind of cell phone with mapping capabilities. Adventure is one thing, but getting lost in the middle of nowhere is another.

Rule #3, the Snackage Rule– You need something to nibble on when braving those crazy highways. Chips and chocolate bars will just give you a momentary high; stick with something that is yummy, not too filling…and something you can use as a play toy with the ladies later. May I suggest Red Vine Licorice?

Rule #4, the Getting Stranded Blows Rule– This is one of those rare cases where doing something your parents suggest is good. Have a membership to AAA and a credit card on hand in case your ’81 Datsun starts moving slower than the fat kid in gym class that wears a half shirt and those skimpy running shorts.

Rule #5, the John Ritter Rule- Like the hit 1970s  television show, two is company and three is a crowd. You don’t want to bring too many people along because it generates more competition for the chicks when you get where you are going. However, too few may lead to uncomfortable silence in the car while driving.

Rule #6, the Cover Rule – Wherever you go, you will likely need some money. While the journey is part of the fun, the rest of it is partying hard when you get to your destination. Make sure you and your buddies have sufficient means to cover your basic party costs when you get to where you are going. Check out Limo Find for excellent deals.

Rule #7, the Don’t be Stupid Rule– Don’t do anything that will get you arrested. Nothing is a quicker buzz kill to a good time than getting frisked by Officer Smith and then being forced to cuddle with a guy named Peaches in the cell of some no name town in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy the trip, but don’t be stupid.

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