California Mom Arrested For Running A Brothel With Her Son

A California mother and son were arrested and accused of running a prostitution ring in Riverside County. Angelene Ashley, 48, and her son Jordon Ashley, 26, were charged with pimping, pandering, and running a brothel, according to a May 31 press release by local authorities. Angelene faced an additional charge of “keeping a house of ill fame.”
On May 25, authorities served a search warrant at the residence of Angelene and Jordon Ashley. They then arrested the mother and son and seized evidence from the home. The two were booked into Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside, California, an hour outside of Los Angeles.

How Were They Caught?

The short answer is internet ads. The mother and son were allegedly promoting their family business via online ads that sold sex. The ads were directly linked to Ashley’s phone number and email address, which is an incredibly bold move. Kind of like robbing a place and leaving your business card.
Photos of Angelene Ashley and Jordon Ashley, released by Riverside Police.
One of these damning ads showed a picture of a woman saying, “Hi Daddy, I love to please and do it all.” The same ad also says, “I have a hot female roommate also in the business.” The price range goes from $160.00 for 30 minutes to $1,200 for an overnight. It was $0 for contact info, however, and the police got all hot and bothered by the deal. They came into contact with a woman through the ads, who said she was being sexually exploited by a mother and son. That was all authorities needed to write up a search warrant and arrest Angelene and Jordon Ashley.

Who Is Anglene Ashley?

Angelene Ashley is a 46-year-old woman who was arrested earlier this week for running a brothel with her son Jordon, 26, out of their Riverside, CA home. Angelene’s LinkedIn page tells a slightly different story about her profession. She says she has been working in sales for a company named Trius Cables in Los Angeles for almost ten years.

Angelene also includes that she received her MBA in Marketing from California State University-San Bernardino in 1997, where she was a member of the Mu Kappa Tau National Honor Society. On her Facebook, Angelene says she’s also a graduate of the University of Toledo, class of 1995, and graduated Riverside City College in 1993. Ashley attended Moreno Valley High School in Moreno Valley, California.

This week’s arrest was not Angelene’s (nor her family’s) first run-in with the law. In 2008, she was arrested and convicted of the possession and intent to sell methamphetamine. Her other son, Grant, is serving time in prison for robbery. In a February 2016 Facebook post, Ashley posted the below photo of Grant and indicated that he has been in jail for over 2.5 years.

The San Bernardino Sun reported in June 2013 that a man named Grant Ashley was arrested in Moreno Valley on charges of armed robbery. He was arrested for two separate incidents, in which he allegedly robbed someone outside of a Chili’s then later robbed two people at gunpoint outside of their home.

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Miranda Nicole Pauley Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
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