Former Student Suing University Of Nebraska Fraternity For Alleged Rape

A woman is suing a fraternity at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, alleging that she was raped by a fraternity member “who gravitated to the most vulnerable women at parties.”
According to the Omaha World-Herald, The unidentified woman, a former Nebraska student, alleges that the assault took place the night of April 22, 2017, at the Alpha Theta Chi chapter of Chi Phi fraternity.
The woman, identified as “Jane Doe”, claims the alleged assailant was “drawn to vulnerable women at parties, had previously been inappropriate toward women and had been reprimanded for it.” However, the victim claims that the fraternity took no action to protect the woman from him, despite the fact that she claims other members of the fraternity knew that she was “incapacitated, vomiting and alone with him.”
via Omaha World-Herald:

According to the complaint, the woman was invited to the off-campus party at the Chi Phi house at 1143 S. 17th St. in Lincoln. While there, she drank two cups of “jungle juice,” a combination of some kind of alcoholic beverage and a mixer, and became incapacitated. About 12:30 a.m., she began to feel sick and vomited. A fraternity member took her to a private bathroom on the second floor, which was where he lived. At least two other frat members saw them there.
In the fraternity member’s room, he led her to his bed, where, clothed, she passed out. Later, she awoke briefly to find some of her clothing removed and the frat member on top of her, having sex with her without her consent.
“She was unable to move or speak and lost consciousness again within a few seconds,” the complaint said.
She awoke again several hours later. The woman’s attorney, Elizabeth Govaerts, said a police report was filed, and a Title IX sex discrimination investigation initiated. As a result of the Title IX investigation, UNL suspended the alleged assailant for two years, Govaerts said.

The suit does not list a specific dollar amount that Jane Doe is seeking, other than the $3,000 in medical expenses and other damages as decided by the court.

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