University of Warwick Suspends 11 Students Over Rape Jokes

The University of Warwick has suspended 11 students after screenshots of a group text message chat emerged in which they allegedly threatened to rape and sexually assault their classmates.
According to The Boar, 98 screenshots have been submitted as evidence. Screenshots showed one chat member wrote: “Rape her friends too,” with another replying: “Sometimes it’s fun to just go wild and rape 100 girls.” At this time, West Midlands Police said it is “investigating to see if any police action needs to be taken.”
Furthermore, a University of Warwick spokesman said: “a possible student disciplinary incident is currently being actively investigated.”
via The Boar:

“Ninety-eight screenshots from the chat were submitted to the University as part of the complaint. Those handed precautionary suspensions include senior members of several society execs, both academic and sporting. Among those temporarily suspended are alleged to be social secretaries, tour secretaries, a careers officer and a treasurer, both outgoing and incoming.
As part of their exec roles, several of the students represented Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (CRASAC) in the context of their society’s charity work. In messages seen by The Boar, there are multiple references to rape. One screenshot reveals there were 19 results for the word “rape” in the group chat.
Under one search for “rape”, the chat members discuss raping another female individual and her friends.”

A University of Warwick student union spokeswoman said:

“Warwick SU is aware of the ongoing university investigation into a group Facebook chat involving a number of Warwick students. The SU condemns the content of these messages – together with all forms of sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, ableism, and threats of violence – in the strongest possible terms.
The SU has been supporting the victims and will continue to do so. We are also proactively cooperating with the university’s ongoing investigation, and hope to see a conclusion as swiftly as possible.”

The University of Warwick is ranked 11th in the United Kingdom.
via The Boar

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